Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Desperate Men Make Dangerous Enemies

Like the rest of the state, my family and I have been buried under a gossamer blanket of pristine snow since the New Year. My husband, who unfortunately had to make the dangerous daily trek to work, was the only one to leave the house for days at a time. As school still has not gone back into session in our district, many are just as shut up in their homes subjected to copious hours of Spongebob Squarepants, Avatar, and Scooby Doo [I actually kind of enjoy the latter.] and up to their elbows in cheese puffs and Ramen Noodles. It has been a battle and a fight to get in any news, let alone the large amount I usually consume in a day, so I fear that despite the occasional moments locked in my room to get in a bit of Glenn Beck, I have fallen a tad behind on my current events.

One thing I have noted, and maybe it took a step backward and fresh pair of eyes to see it- there seems to be the beginning onset of panic among our political classes.

Now, honestly, anything that has Reid or Pelosi squirming like they've got a bad case of hemorrhoids tends to bring a smile to my face. I can't help it- it's MY version of social justice. With 2010 staring many unpopular incumbents in the face, there are a handful that have already thrown in the towel. But, the adage "Desperate men make dangerous enemies." is sage advice and we should heed it.

There's a bit of legislation in the pipeline that I think people should be made aware of in order to be better informed. I had serious concerns that ACORN was going to be used as a vehicle to commit massive voter fraud in the 2010 elections. With the irreverent way that politicians have been thumbing their noses at constituents in the last year, it certainly seemed that they had a higher allegiance- a fail safe as it were to ensure that the midterm elections don't interrupt the Progressive agenda. However, ACORN is buried under so much sh*t, their name is tainted everywhere its uttered. They are even planning to change their name [according to assertions by former board member Wade Rathke on his blog]. Obviously, that plan could not possibly work now. What's the new plan? Three words:

Universal Voter Registration

The plot is to load everyone- and I do mean everyone- onto the roles of registered voters. Anyone who has ever registered a car, signed up for unemployment, sits on the Welfare roles- you get the idea. Whether you want to be or not, you will be a registered voter. Now, the argument is that universal voter registration will end the voter problems, such as the Florida debacle, and people being turned away because of paperwork issues. But, anyone with a speck of insight sees the true glimmer of this plan: It's a treasure trove of new names and identities to pack into the blue ballot box. Even if it is kept legit and above board [trying to keep a straight face] most of those involuntarily registered would be those on the government dole- those dependent upon the government largess for their day to day lives. What better way to create a pool of loyal voters that to create one from a demographic that is completely dependant upon you?

Where does the audacity stop? When does the arrogance, the oppression, the hand-to-the-throat suffocation get to be enough that we start fighting for air? To save ourselves?

But speaking of physical fighting, we have got that as well, and its not even the log-headed cretins from the SEIU that are roughing people up, this time. According to a tipster, it's a miserable propaganda artist named Michael Meehan*, sent from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee to help Mass. Democratic Senatorial hopeful, Martha Coakley revive her slipping campaign. Coakley is the Democratic nominee who brilliantly decreed during her debate that there were no longer any Al Qaeda terrorists in Afghanistan, so we should pull out immediately. She also mis-spelled the name of the state she's trying to represent in a television ad. Think Joe Biden in a skirt. Anyway, as she was leaving a fundraising event, this Meehan goon shoved a Weekly Standard reporter to the ground. The AP is reporting that the reporter "stumbled". Sorry, Jack, reporters typically have cameras present and this one was no different. There is clear footage of Meehan shoving John McCormack. Meehan then apologized to McCormack for the incident late today, but the AP had already shown their hand. Another bunch of whores in the liberal harem.

The temperature is rising. Politicians are staring November in the face with rabid denial that can only fade as realization dawns and the desperation will redouble as the elections near. 2010 will no doubt be a year of more manufactured scandals, media complicity and hostility between social classes than we have ever seen before. Are we ready to do what we must? Can we keep the focus to uphold our Constitution, restore our civil liberties and not be swept up in the frenzy that's already beginning?

Our founders fought to throw off the shackles of a government that oppressed them. It is nothing short of vulgar to see where we stand at this moment and not be willing to defend the foundations that they laid, appreciate the sacrifices that they made and heed the wisdom they imparted.

Whether we are ready for the fight, the battle is here. Will we arm ourselves to regain what we have lost or refuse to fight and sacrifice our liberty?

*The Weekly Standard, blog of John McCormack Jan. 13th.