Saturday, December 19, 2009

Obama teaches the ABCs

Now, listen up boys and girls. Your parents may have been receiving some mis-information from those evil Nazi's waving tea bags around and as your divinely-appointed leader, it is my duty to re-educate you so that you may become responsible global citizens. I was planning to do this back in September, but it seems that, um, the timing wasn't quite right.

We'll begin with the ABCs...

A is for Alinsky, ACORN, and apology
B is for bailouts, bonuses and Bernanke
C is for climate- change, czars and Chrysler
D is for debt, deniability and distraction
E is for entitlement, economy and entitlement again
F is for Fed, freedom [to do exactly what you are told] and Fairness Doctrine
G is for green, Gitmo and GM
H is for health care, Hillary, and H1N1
I is for ideologue, illegal immigrants and interest
J is for Jeremiah Wright and justice- the social kind
K is for knuckles- the brass kind, Kennedy and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed
L is for liberalism, legislation and land grab
M is for medicare, misinformation and Marxism
N is for NBC, Nasdaq and Nazis
O is for Obama [and nobody else]
P is for Progressive, polar bears and Pelosi
Q is for qualified, quadrupled-debt and
R is for Rasmussen, racism and reconciliation
S is for shame, single-payer and stimulus
T is for TARP, taxes and Treasury
U is for unconstitutional, unions and East Anglia University
V is for Venezuela, vendetta and Valerie Jarrett
W is for wall Street, water-boarding and windfall profits
X is for eXtremists- the tea baggers I mentioned before
Y is for You Tube, Yemen and Yellow
Z is for Jay-Z, Zelaya and Zimbabwe

Tomorrow, you will be taught "new" math by Ben Bernanke. 'Social Studies' will be permanently replaced with 'Social Justice' and will be taught by Van Jones. For extra credit, you can attend a quick lesson on how to use Turbo Tax by Tim Geitner. I will personally be teaching you about all 57 of our glorious United States. Lunch will be served by the SEIU.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Being on the Wrong Side of the Right Party

I have written about this before and about my fears that this particular "problem" would get worse. I have voiced my dissension [as always] that conservative does not always equal Christian and Pagan does not always equal liberal. These are stereotypes and, although stereotypes are regrettably based on statistical fact, they are not absolute truth. This divisive and, frankly, destructive thinking was the single reason why I extricated myself from the Lexington 9/12 organization- a handful of Christian fundamentalists felt that their religious preference was more of a mantle for conservatism than liberty itself. I have relayed the specifics in the past, so I won't rehash them.
The other day while listening to The Pulse on WLAP [that's talk radio for all you younguns, AM], as I am known to do, Pagans endured yet another slap from the Christian base. While admitting that the majority of Christmas holiday traditions are integrated from Pagan teachings as pointed out by a caller, Leland Conway, [whom I typically have immense respect for] host of the show, made a flippant and gloating 'well, we see who ended up on top on that one' remark. Now to avoid painting all Christians with the same brush, I will place my grievance squarely on the shoulders of Mr. Conway and those members of the 9/12 group by whom I am so reviled.
You see, while we are all sitting around chuckling at the Left, the Democrats in Congress who are so divided among themselves that they can't seem to get anything accomplished, we are in the same regrettable boat. At the moment, we are simply untested. Given the slightest opportunity, we will fracture into a myriad of subgroups and special interests, as well. I daresay, from my observation, that this brand of Christian conservative has banded with the Libertarian Independents in order to strengthen their cause but will turn on them in an instant to further the cause of Christianity. To them, that just makes good battle sense, since it is after all incumbent upon Christians to preach and convert as it is with Muslims which is why I usually classify both groups together under the same 'fundamentalist' label.
Now, I understand that this country was founded on Christian principles and I agree that we should hold to those principles. Moral integrity is essential to the well-being of our nation and a close relationship with a higher power is just as critical. But to assume that one cannot agree or live Christian ideals without being Christian is like saying that one cannot each Hummus unless they are Greek. Many religions offer similar teachings. Christians say "Do unto others..." and Wiccans have the Rede: "And it harm none, do as thou will."
[Deep breath] Sorry, I am getting off topic here...
My point is that I have long said that I fear fighting for the liberty of everyone to have a faction [ in this case Christian or Muslim fundamentalists] hijack the movement later and turn the blade in my direction or worse, that of my children. There will never come a time when all will be of one mind in politics or ethics or religion. That is the nature of humanity and also the beauty of our inherent diversity [the "diverse" we are naturally, not the kind that is the result of manipulation]. The danger is when one group eschews the moral imperatives of the cause for the sake of growth and loses its soul in the process. Pagans did this when they persecuted Christians during the later Roman empire and it actually contributed to not only the rise of Christianity but the decline of the empire and Paganism. Pagans have spent centuries being murdered for the beliefs they are reported to hold. All of it has led only to a soulless society steeped in false piety.
Before we allow ourselves to be swept away by our individual preferences, we need to hold true to the creed that we are claiming. If you do indeed believe in liberty, then you must believe in the liberty of all, whether or not they believe in the Creator that bestowed it. To do otherwise makes us worse than those who oppose personal liberty outright because it is self-serving and subversive.
As for Mr. Conway, I appreciate his personal faith and hope he continues his crusade for liberty and reduced government intervention. He will, however, be doing it with at least two fewer listeners to his radio show. Glenn Beck seems to have come to an understanding that still eludes his 3-6 time slot counterpart: That faith and the bond between a spiritual figure-head and the person is infinitely more important than belonging to the "right" group while doing it.
I may not agree with the Christian power-structure, hierarchy and their version of history and truth, but I will fight for their right to believe as they wish. I expect my choices to be as respected. If we cannot get a handle on this way of thinking now, then 2010, 2012 and every other change of power will be irrelevant and we will be caught in a cycle that does nothing to improve our situation.

We are all Americans and we all deserve liberty. No one is more entitled to it than another and we need to stop thinking that way.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Knowing your liberty

Part Two

I have been away for a while. Those who know me well know why. Suffice it to say that I have had my reasons.

During this time, I have had ample opportunity to ponder the second portion of my essay on personal liberty. Once we understand how the word itself has been mangled, it is easier to understand just how far we have moved from having personal liberty.

From the time we wake up in the morning, governmental interference is present. My children's pajamas come with a little tag to tell me to keep the clothing tight on the body and not to let them play too close to open flames. If I am such a dumb ass that I don't know instinctively know that, my children deserve a better mother. The EPA governs the quality of water I put into my coffee pot, the gas in the car I drive to work. The IRS takes "its cut" of the money I earn while I am there. Apart from my children, I have little control over what progressive propoganda they are being fed at public school. What's more, parents are further losing their right to decide about the health matters concerning their children. School officials are deeming what constitutes healthy food and what immunizations are "safe"*. After I vehemently refused to allow my children to get any of the 3 doses of various flu vaccine being pushed now, I was gape-jawed to hear my children begging for their school lunch of burgers and fries. They may not like the turkey on wheat, yogurt, and Gushers I give them as much, but I feel better about those offerings than my school districts generic rendition of a Happy Meal [*This has to be one of the most vexing and gut-wrenching problems in my life right now. ].
So our liberties are being peeled away like skin. The first couple of layers don't hurt so bad, but as you get closer to the core, the delicate center, it begins to hurt more and more and each additional layer lost becomes excruciatingly painful.
Growing up in a society that values pleasantness over principle and moral integrity, I have more than once been told to 'shut up and sit down'. My mother tried pounding submission into me. I was turned away from numerous job interviews by people who told me that I was more than qualified but they were concerned that I "wouldn't subjugate well". And they were right, I don't. I am seldom a follower. Coming to my own conclusions and 'dancing to the beat of my own drummer' often means dancing alone. And in a political atmosphere that is being dragged decidedly more left by corrupt politicians, PACs and a vulgarly- complicit media, dissenting voices screw up the cadence.
There are many who say that Healthcare has to be passed now. I say NO. Many say that man-made climate change is our greatest national threat and that Cap and Trade must be put into law. I say NOT ANOTHER SINGLE BILL. No more. Nothing. Until the spending, the deficit, and the corruption of our politicians and this administration are no longer threats to my liberty and that of my children, STOP EVERYTHING. I will fight with everything in me. I may do it alone, but I will not look into my children's eyes and have to explain to them why I did nothing when our country was selling them into slavery because liberty truly is the only thing that American are entitled to from birth.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Knowing your liberty

Part 1- The Definition of Liberty

Words are interesting things, and truly language at large is one of the greatest developments of this age. It seems that there is a word for every feeling, every nuance and yet the same word can have two completely separate meanings depending on the context. Anyone who has ever studied a foreign language can attest to how difficult it is to learn the dialect or the subtle differences when the tense or focus of the statement changes.
Our own language has been mastered by very few but has been distorted and twisted by legions more along with various symbols and religious traditions. The practice of propaganda and manufactured re-associations is thousands of years old.
Let me give you an example from the last century, though. We all understand what the term "liberal" means in political circles today. Now, let me give you the formal definition from Websters New World Dictionary, circa 1972:

lib-er-al. -noun

A person who is in favor of reform and progress.[Notice any bias? Keep the time period in mind.]

Now, lets define the root or basis for the word [liber, Latin: to be free] from the same source.

lib-er-ty. -noun

1. the condition of being free from control by others.
2. the power or right of a person to believe and act as he thinks right .

So what exactly does being a liberal have to do with the word from which it was derived? Apparently, absolutely nothing. Liberalism, in its truest form, had more to do with the ideology of modern Libertarianism which has had to create a new name for itself to prevent the confusion which was occurring when progressives hijacked the term "liberal". One more definition for good measure.

lib⋅er⋅tar⋅i⋅an. -noun

1. a person who advocates liberty, esp. with regard to thought or conduct.
2. a person who maintains the doctrine of free will .

So root word 'liber', 'liberty' and 'libertarian' all have reference to freedom, but liberal, which one would reasonably conclude means 'one who advocates freedom' does not. I might add that my dictionary from 1972 did not even have this term [libertarian] in it. It does have "progressive" in it with the exact same definition as "liberal". Also, the current thesaurus at lists "progressive" as the #1 synonym for "liberal". Curious, no?

People can say that they hate liberals, and in today's definition, it is understood to mean those of progressive leaning. But the idea that liberals are fighters for individual freedom is untrue and dangerously assuaging in its usage. Sure they may want the "liberty" for themselves to eat only organic foods, not be around cigarette smoke, or wear shoes made from recycled bedpans, but they have no interest in the liberty of anyone who does not. They will legislate anyone's liberty away the second it differs from their agenda and call you uneducated for disagreeing [More on that in Part 2.]. If liberty were so important to those who take up the name of 'liberal' would there not be as much outrage and violent protest now to the governments take over of many of our key industries as there was to the intrusive nature of the Patriot Act?

Think about it. What is the goal, really?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

ACORN, SEIU, AFLCIO, NFL and so on...

I may just have to boycott the Superbowl this year.

I come from Pittsburgh, PA originally, and even for a girl, football is in the blood. I do own an authentic NFL Steelers' jersey which I frequently wear in public. My vehicle had at one time touted a customized Steeler vanity plate [I will be getting another one made when I travel home for the holidays this winter.] and my defense of Bill Cowher nearly got me into a fistfight with a bus driver once at Fayette Mall. Oh, yeah, I am hard core...
My husband, for whatever reason, is a St. Louis Rams fan and being the tolerant person that I am, I married him anyway. He has been a good sport over the years, cheering for the Steelers at my side and I as a dutiful wife have tried not to laugh [too loudly] when the Rams are playing. Truth be told, it is a dark day in the house when the Steelers play the Rams.

Hubby and I were psyched at the idea of Rush Limbaugh owning a part of the franchise. I listen to Rush frequently and admire the fact that he is self-made. That is the American dream after all isn't it- to become successful, work your way up and use that success to make your dreams come true?

Now anyone who has watched a handful of NFL games knows that the entire league is as corrupt as the Norwegian Nobel Institute. There are dubious calls, convenient penalties and more money changing hands than on the floor of the US stock exchange. But, until today, I sort of identified with the NFL. I am a worker, middle class, love the sport and to show it I financially support the league and the players with my patronage. I mean, the NFL is all about the working man [or woman], right?


According to the commissioner of the NFL, they do not support freedom of speech or independent thought. Raping girls on cruise ships, animal abuse, shooting up a night club and rampant drug use are all still okay as far as I know, but don't you dare express your opinion. Terrell Owens learned that the hard way when he poked fun at the New England establishment in 2007 for calling them the cheaters that they are.

The really absurd thing about all of this is that the two most ostentatious racists of our time, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, had the audacity to accuse Rush Limbaugh of comments-which he has repeatedly denied and they have never substantiated- that fuel a mentality of hatred and racism, and the NFL gave them the floor. Are you kidding me? These are two men who have fabricated a rabid hatred out of thin air and woven it into a culture war. Both have shown themselves to be completely without any conscience, without virtue and now, without shame. They flock to any open camera while ignoring the true plight of those they claim to champion. Many black NFL players said they would stop playing. Ha! What a bunch of bullsh*t! Their convictions would suddenly take a back seat when they stopped getting paid, I am sure. Where was their self- righteous indignation when they had a real reason to be upset, like when Michael Vick was welcomed back with open arms and quietly got back his lucrative endorsement deals? So what that the guy committed an actual crime, he did his time. We all make mistakes, right? But mistakes are one thing and conservatism appears to be quite another- more taboo than swine flu it would appear. Seems to me these dumb ass jocks are demonizing the very public who gave them their icon status. Sounds vaguely familiar [see Hollywood].

So, it would seem that the NFL has become just another left wing acronym, but instead of National Football League, they can change it to maybe Now Further Left or perhaps Not For Limbaugh since they have come full out into the open.

Is there anyone out there who hasn't sold their soul to the DNC? Is there anyone out there with their brain and reasoning ability intact who can explain to me how this is not a pursuit to further polarize the masses?

I hope the NFL has appeased their race-baiting vocal critics, because the bread and butter of their organization, fans like me, are turning a disgusted eye to the entire League. Way to shoot yourselves in the proverbial foot. Morons...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

ACORN is nuts...

Or is it just Bertha Lewis...

Despite the supposed detachment of the state-run media, people on the ground- you know, real people- have seen the videos. They have stood, mouths gaping wide as the ACORN workers didn't bat an eyelash at the story of a prostitute bringing in a troupe of underage illegals to begin a brothel. No problem using my tax money to brutalize children, commit tax fraud or advise a person on how to break the law. No crime actually occurred, you say? While these people were spouting such gems as, "Yeah, there's a way to get around paying taxes. Just don't file a return!" they were being paid tax money. Your money. My money.

Paid by the government while working to defraud the government. Cloward and Piven would be so proud!

Now, I am writing my blog pretty early in the newsday, so I may not be up on the most current opinion Bertha Lewis has chosen to take. She may be calling the attorney general of Louisiana a liar over the assertion that the Rathkye brothers actually stole 5 million instead of the 1 million we believed before. She may be discussing the release of ACORNs [ahem] thorough three day investigation into its voter registration fraud allegations. She may be back on the attack of the two people who ripped open the rotten wound that is ACORN, or she may have gone back to thanking them for exposing the "isolated corruption". Who knows what that kooky lady is gonna say next? One thing does seem consistent, though. Bertha Lewis is pissed. The more I see this woman, she keeps angrily repeating the same script, with greater and greater ire looking more and more like a person not only out of touch with the America that funds her organization, but out of touch with Earth as well.

She alleges that, as with the allegations of voter registration fraud for which they have faced charges in 14 different states, these videos only expose a "couple of bad seeds" in an otherwise noble organization. U-huh, right.

But, is ACORN really even a organization whose "public" goal is noble. ACORN claims that one of its intentions is to help low income families get home financing. Is that really wise? When I was growing up [Keep in mind, I am only 30 so my childhood wasn't really THAT long ago.], it was the middle Reagan years. The economic blow-back from the disaster that was the Carter years was still in full effect. My parents bought their home, with excellent credit, at an interest rate in the low to mid TEENS. My husband and I worked for half a decade to correct credit that was damaged by youthful stupidity and a bad divorce before felt deserved to purchase our first home. With the down payment and closing costs, it cost us every penny we had. And we were proud to have achieved that first piece of the American dream. We aren't upper income by far. Hell, we're barely middle income, but we would not have traded the pride we felt at our accomplishment for anything. We had worked our way up. We paid our bills on time. In the words of our broker, we were "well-qualified".

I don't understand what pride can be garnered from being given anything. The ease with which success is achieved certainly doesn't behoove the holder to strive to maintain it. I contend that, just the opposite, it sets up a mentality of entitlement where those who have not expect to be carried indefinitely. Pride comes from achievement not entitlement.

Did the sub-prime crisis teach us nothing about self-regulation? Are we so incapable of being honest with ourselves about what we truly deserve and have earned that we cannot end our love affair with credit? So few are willing to do the hard work, deny impulses and use some self restraint. Getting out of this recession is going to hurt. For those of us who are going to do it without government aid, it is going to hurt alot. Do we have the intestinal fortitude as a nation to dig in?

Maybe ACORN should make that one of their goals...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

And the Left goes marching on...

Okay, back to digest form. This was a big news week with lots to cover. So, let's not dawdle...


You know I had to start with this.

It seems the new modis operandi of the Left is to defend those who happily exist without any discernible moral compass and attack anyone who even claims to follow a system of self-held values that might reach back to a form of religion. Has it been so long since Mark Sanford and have we completely lost the attention span to launch a decent comparison? Kentucky's court system has struck down the law that made it harder for sexual predators to live close to where children congregate, calling it a violation of the Constitution. David Letterman admits to using his position of authority to exact sexual favors from his female staff and no one, NO ONE calls him out for his hypocrisy. Perhaps Sarah Palin wasn't so off the mark when she worried about Willows safety around the man?
While all of this might give me a raging headache and moderate nausea, nothing knotted my gut like two statements released following the arrest of Roman Polanski. The first which left me furious and gape-jawed was Whoopi Goldberg defining what Polanski had done as not "rape-rape". Apparently, unless Polanski had beaten her to a pulp or killed her afterward, it wasn't really rape. This is not only a slap in the face to every woman who has been date-raped, but also every child who has been molested. Apparently, there is a long list [yes, a list] of Hollywood types who think that its okay to have sex with kids and evade prosecution. I don't think that anyone is surprised by Woody Allen, but Martin Scorcese, Tilda Swinton [Chronicles of Narnia] along with handfuls of nobodies. They argue about the judge running amok with the law in an attempt to make an example of Polanski as an excuse for his flight to Europe. Forget about appeals or anything about that legal process stuff. Apparently, cowardice is as excusable in Hollywood as being an ADMITTED child rapist. The icing was Sharon Tates' sister claiming that the sex was consensual. There is no such thing as consensual sex with a 13 year old, even if you haven't plied her/him with drugs and booze!
Where are the womens' advocacy groups? Where are the groups who protect children? Indeed, it is a dangerous time to be a kid in the US, especially if you live in Chicago, but we'll get to that.

Holocaust comparisons and other "frightening rhetoric"
Leading the charge to censure Joe Wilson, once she discovered it would be political expedient, Nancy Pelosi forgot her own statements about championing FDR because he was a disruptor and loving dissenters for their patriotism. She, also, failed to clarify that this only extends to Liberals. Ignoring the fact that Liberal activists are notorious for their violent protesting, we have the Speaker getting misty because, in her opinion, coarse wording can only lead to violence. When "Dead Face" Pelosi worked up her best to condemn anyone who angrily opposed the governments' attempt to takeover health insurance, she fell short of actual tears [perhaps the copious amounts of Botox numbed her tear ducts], but laid the ground work to prove what a colossal hypocrite she is.
When Alan Grayson D- FL took the floor of the House, complete with props to be certain that even those with hearing aids could understand, he accused the Republican party of wanting sick American to 'die quickly'. This was nothing more than a ploy to scare the elderly, his core constituency, into dropping their loud opposition. To compound his blatant lie, Grayson hit the circuit to discuss his comments at which time he made even more inflammatory accusations, even comparing the lack of movement by Republicans on healthcare reform to an American Holocaust. I have no doubt that this first term Congressman is trying to get his name out there. Hell, it worked for Obama [Five years ago, did anyone know who he was?]. I recognized these comments for the shock value that was intended. I also predicted Pelosi's limp-wristed and party-loyal response to criticism of Grayson. But, let's not forget another of her [in]famous quotes: she was put in her position "to get Democrats elected to Congress", ethics be damned.

The 2016 Olympics

I have to be honest. When Chicago got eliminated in the first round of voting, I started laughing so hard, I nearly fell out of my seat at the Central Kentucky Blood Center. I hadn't expected the news until later and the shock in the voice of the CNN news anchor nearly made me pee my pants. People stared- I was the only person amused-but I couldn't help it. While leaving, I pondered what I found more amusing- how insulted the Olympic committee was by the self-absorbed pleading of the "O"- triple threat or the idea that a city which leads the US in murders and runs double the national average on nearly every form of crime believed it could "inspire the world again".
Maybe, they should have led with a potential slogan: "Come to Chicago! Together, we can beat our honor students!" or how about "The Messiah calls it home, why shouldn't you?"
The arrogance of this president is clearly home bred from a city of people who sincerely believe that they have the right to expect that the world should admire them. Chicago is a black eye to this country, a blight, and what they are famous for is nothing that should be admired, aspired to or emulated. No doubt they will take this news as a way to further fuel the anger for the "injustices" lobbed at them and not as motivation to do something constructive to improve their city.

Kudos to Netanyahu, Shame on Obama
Well, this happened last week, but it deserves recognition. The speech he gave at the UN blasting Iran and its loose-lipped leader was worthy of accolades. He called the UN out, put blame where it was due and proved what an impotent group the UN is.
Obama chairs some stupid vote by the UN Security Council and intentionally suppresses a report exposing Irans' nuclear proliferation for no other reason than to save face! He waits until his glory is documented and he's in Pittsburgh to give a flacid reprimand to the Iranian regime. This act was criticize by French president Sarkozy. He stated that it had been his hope to make the announcement while at the UN to make a stronger statement, but Obamas attempt to "protect the image of success" weakened its strength.

The French are calling Obama weak! The French! And its a terrible shame that they are right...

Friday, September 25, 2009

Stay Away From My Kids!

This will probably be the shortest post I have ever made to my blog, because, essentially, it requires little explanation.


I met with the principal of my kids school and all of their teachers before the new year started. I made them aware that we had already invested in a full curriculum for both of them should homeschooling become necessary at any point in the year. I made the nurses aware that my children were not to receive any H1N1 vaccine or other state-required immunizations. They have a pediatrician for medical interventions [that we approve]. If they require more than a band-aid, I expect to know about it.
When Obama announced his address to school students, my husband and I were at the school the next morning. When the response was not concise, my children fell unfortunately ill of sun- sickness after the long holiday weekend.
Let me be clear.
These children are MINE! They are an extension of my own body and a large portion of my heart. I make the decisions where they are concerned. They are not future taxpayers. They do not hold the concerned interest of the government. Until they turn 18, they are MINE to train, instruct and indoctrinate as I feel is morally proper.
It is my right to convey to my children the values, ideals and world view that I hold. It is not for some vigilante activist "educator" to brainwash my child. Had this mental moron been my sons teacher, teaching him to praise an elected official like a deity, partaking in a piece of propaganda that would have made Hitler blush, I do believe that it might have been the edge of my restraint. I would have done more than remove them from the district. I would have done more than demand answers or consequences. I would have redefined "ballistic"... And I am not the only one who feels that way.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Be [ENTER RACE HERE]and Be Proud?

I know it's not PC to say it, but I am proud to be white. I am also proud to be a woman. I am proud to be a mother. All of which happened by chance, but they make me who I am.

Being proud of my color does not mean that I hate those of other nationalities- just like being proud of my womanhood doesn't mean that I hate men or that as a mother I automatically have animosity for those without children. To make such far-reaching deductions would be inaccurate, sensational, and would, frankly, display a complete lack of common sense.

Which explains perfectly why these comparisons are being used by members of Congress.

Anyone with an ounce of foresight knew this was coming. With the inauguration of Barack Obama as the first black president, the race card has been whipped out each and every time mounting support stands against him. It's pitiful and pathetic, but predictable. Apparently, since Overlord Pelosi hasn't been able to effectively work the un-American angle, now we're moving on to being labeled racists.

Now according to "experts", I am inherently racist because I was born being a skin tone above 'wheat' on the Glidden color palette. However, no one below 'wheat' can be racist against me. These same experts have decided that because I was born without a legacy of subjugation [never mind my Polish heritage...sheesh] I had a greater opportunity for success than a person of color.

I am sorry, is there a United Caucasian College fund? Would that EVER be acceptable?

Did Barack Obama get his scholarship to Oakland Community College? No, it was Harvard. My grades were impressive, but Harvard was never an option for me despite my apparent "ethnic advantage".

Let's be honest about what this is- it's race baiting. In the last few days, we have had a slew of bad behaviors. Serena Williams threat to a line judge, Kanye West's drunken shout out to Beyonce, and Joe Wilson's House outburst. Who gets called racist? The white guy, of course. To fuel the fever, Congressmen equate the lack of severe punishment for Wilson to condoning racism, even making such pathetically opportunistic remarks as Hank Johnson of Georgia who said it would create a revival of the KKK.
"white hoods and white uniforms again and riding through the countryside" D- Hank Johnson, GA

Who are you kidding, Hank? We have all seen that the most dangerous demographic to be right now is a teenage white boy on a school bus full of black kids.

Be black and be proud.

Be white and be proud.

But do something for which PRIDE is deserved. Pride should come from achievement not entitlement.

Friday, September 11, 2009

No Apologies

This country is changed.**

My children are young and still require much instruction about the difference between right and wrong. Courage= good. Apathy= bad. Hard work= good. Laziness= bad. Honesty= good. Deception= bad.

Being forced to watch the President denigrate his office with partisan mud-slinging while he paraded out a festival of falsehoods would make any honest person grind their teeth for wanting to scream "Liar!" One man did it and voiced what millions of us could not. Now, he's facing censure from "the most transparent Congress in history". Perhaps, Madame Speaker meant that the members of Congress would be more transparent about their corruption, nefarious intentions and lust for control. If that's the case, she has more than lived up to her word.

I will not teach my children that it is better to be silent and play nice than to rail against false speakers and risk breaking with decorum. Integrity and intestinal fortitude are in short supply in this country as of late. Rep. Joe Wilson may be from SC and not from KY, but he has represented me better than my own Congressmen and Senators have for a long, long time. I thank him. To those members of Congress that are attacking him: Keep playing your politics, your voters are watching. To those Republicans that are throwing Joe Wilson under the bus: Conservatives will not forget your betrayals. He has already apologized one time too many.

Mr. Obama has been lying since he began campaigning for the office he now holds. Wednesday's address to Congress was no different. His attempts at sly wording and vague conceptual speech fooled no one and his high-handed threats only deepened the trust rift between the American government and the American public.

Barack Obama is not trusted. His administration, and everything that sprouts out of it, is suspect. That is because he is what he has proven himself to be- a liar.

...And you'll get no apologies from me.

**I say 'is' intentionally. To say that the world has changed would imply that it was the result of a normal progression of events which evolves a society. This has not been the case for the US. Our way of life has been moved away from its Constitutional foundation by an incremental and systematic series of nudges [see the published works of Cass Sunstein].

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Celebrate with caution

I apologize to everyone [or should I say anyone] who reads this blog for the long hiatus between posts. Personal matters of a 'friend and family' nature have kept me otherwise occupied.

On this weekend we celebrate the worker, the laborer and, in my case, the unrepentant entrepreneur. We celebrate the taxpayer, the innovator- the backbone and pride of this country. If you're a conservative, you also celebrate the resignation of Van Jones.

The stories and allegations leveled against Sarah Palin did not even have to have truth in them to be fodder for the mainstream media. More than one story which was picked up and carried by MSM "journalists" was later discovered to be absolute hogwash. Heck, they have even enlisted the intellectually-inept ex-fiance of Bristol Palin for his razor-sharp observations AFTER she resigned her post as governor. She stands as a prime example of the DNCs policy of character assassination of its political or ideological opponents. This makes the former Green Jobs Czar's departing words all the more laughable, absurd and antagonistic. In his resignation letter, he accuses a vicious smear campaign. This seemingly includes words spoken from his own mouth, comments made recently and captured on video. Apparently, the shoe doesn't feel so good on the other foot.

Problem #1
The left is not taking this lying down. While perusing the public reaction to the letter text, I came across a positively rabid response from a left-wing poster. It was quickly deleted, but it is telling nonetheless. It talked about killing conservatives. Yeah, you read that right. Maniacally gleeful rage with a vow for retribution. So while we freedom-fighters are all standing around high-fiving each other over our "victory", the left- who have been stewing for weeks over the halt in "progress"- is foaming at the mouth. We are about to see angry mobs- the real kind. The spin is that conservatives are now the impediment to The Chosen Ones' promised "change". We have become targets.

Problem #2 [Conspiracy Theory haters, skip to #3]
Jones' angry exit is a catalyst on an already volatile combination. Did anyone not consider that this was intentional? You put someone who is the quintessential definition of controversial, who is outspoken, provocative and a racial berserker at the helm of the most radical group of progressives- the eco-freaks. Then you have him bait the current movement- conservatives- with Communist talking points in an in-your-face fashion. Public outcry forces him to resign blaming conservatives for his ouster. The right is emboldened and pushes even harder. The left is energized by the sacrifice of their Green Martyr and the twitchy turn itchy to respond with violence as history shows us that they are prone to do. Look for the Olbermans, Maddows, Courics and the like to fan the flames.

Problem #3
I think this is probably the most obvious. The devout Communist gets booted out of his comfy government job where we can see what he's doing and goes immediately back to the radical methods with which he is comfortable and familiar but is now marshalled by an even more intense anger. I don't believe for a second that Van Jones is out of the picture or that his resignation will mean that he has less influence on the policy of this administration. He will no doubt devote more time to the Apollo Alliance and operate under the darkness of its cloak. So, the monster is still out there, but now it's just harder to track.

So, what does that mean for us? Don't get me wrong, I will take any progress in preserving our country and my liberty that I can get. But, I urge everyone to be cautious. Savor this small victory, but know that the battle may just be entering a darker, bloodier phase. Pray [or meditate or cast or reflect, whatever the constructs of your religious beliefs] for clarity, for restraint and thoughtful consideration. Pray for Glenn Beck and his family, as they will no doubt be in even more danger now. Pray for all of our public figures of conservative voice as they are under greater attack with more dire threats. Pray that our public servants pull their heads out and start serving their true purposes.

But, do not revel in this small victory. There is more work to be done. Do not stop. They are not tucking tail and going away. Do not be quiet. Our opposition will be even more loud and vicious now. Do not falter from defending our liberties. They will be willing to push harder and go farther to take them. Do not give our opponents the opportunity they are waiting for.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Breaking knee-caps to fixing them...

My original post was going to be a slam against our Mobster in Chief, the puppet master of SEIU thugs and a slew of special interests groups. I liken our current nation to a mob state, living in fear, not of those who are the face of government, but of the hit men behind the scenes sent to kneecap dissidents. The SS, the gestapo... you get it...
Then, I thought about discussing eugenics, its history and what I believe is coming. I have a son who is disabled with an incurable illness which will steer his life. This topic along with the health care discussion make me paranoid and anxious. It's not that I believe that anyone will emerge and start preaching a case for a master race- even Hitler wasn't that bold. He started talking about regaining the greatness of the country, patriotism and saving the Germans spirit and will. Sound familiar? It spiraled into a sea of debt which inevitably meant cuts in supplies which led to the rationing of care to the euthanization [see "murder" in Webster's Dictionary] of the mentally infirm, handicapped, criminally deviant and THEN it moved on to sponging out races which the government had deemed as having traits undesirable. Yes, it all started as a budgetary issue.

Now, if Cash For Clunkers has taught us anything, it's that the federal government is completely incapable of formulating a responsible, accurate or even reasonable estimate as to the costs of running even the simplest of programs. Even a slight miscalculation, given the magnitude of the undertaking of reforming healthcare, would lead instantly to rationed resources. Now those Obama is surrounding himself with, the so-called academics [i.e. lacking in practical knowledge], not only agree with but also condone forced sterilizations [Holdren], preferential treatment of those in age classes of the most utility in society [Emmanuel], and forcing abortions on unwed or unfit parents [Holdren].

Now, proponents for the version of health care reform currently being pondered in the House argue that there is nothing about abortion in this. This is both true and misleading. There is no language in the current Bill regarding abortion. Absolutely none. That in itself is telling. Any procedures not specifically excluded from coverage are automatically covered, so by not mentioning abortions, they are shielding the discussion. When your Congressman tells you that there is nothing in the Bill about abortion, they are not lying, but they are deceiving.

In addition, the topic of so-called "death panels" so highly contested [and rightly so] create another fog of vagary. The section of the Bill dealing with end of life care seems to have drawn the most criticism for its provision to "make available" end of life counseling for all persons once they reach 65 and also once they are diagnosed with a major illness. My father is 54 years of age. He has already had quintuple bypass surgery. The last thing I want is some government lackey discussing with my father how he can slowly malnourish himself to death instead of suffering through more years of procedures and medications. Yes, I know, it's not mandatory [yet], but when doctors all become government employees and are paid based only on how happy the government is with their work [read the bill, it's in there] what's the likelihood that they are going to skip over it when it makes their patients uncomfortable? Had this simply been a matter of covering it, that's all that would need to be said. Instead, the nearly one dozen pages that deal with this spell out in painful clarity the method, tone and topics that are to be covered in the conversation.

When my [step]mother was diagnosed with cancer, she and my father were both distraught. The argument that this would be the appropriate time to start setting affairs in order shows how simply out of touch the administration is with reality. She could barely function for her fear, let alone make good, rational choices. Instead, her doctors focus was on treating her- he left the end of life details to my parents to deal with in privacy. Somehow, everything worked out just fine without Big Brother.

Are Liberals so damned and determined to see universal health care passed that they will sign onto anything just to be the party to get it done regardless of how recklessly irresponsible it is done? The answer, I fear, is yes.

Stop for a second and use some insight. Look beyond the next step and consider the off chance that everything may not go seamlessly. Doesn't the health of 300+ million people and 1/6th of our economy warrant more than a dopey, cursory look?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Death by Association?

"The son of Rep. Congressman Ron Paul, is planning a run for Senate in Kentucky." -Susan Crile Huffington Post 7/28/2009

"Rand Paul: Ron Paul's Son or Clone?"- 5/2009

Dr. Rand Paul, the son of former Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, announced Thursday night..."- Lauren Cornreich CNN Politics 5/15/2009

I could go on, but you get the idea- Rand Paul is Ron Paul's son. Amazingly, anyone who has been watching Kentucky politics is well aware of this.

I was sitting at home today, listening to the radio when the 12 0'clock news bulletin came on. WKYT talking head Bill Bryant gave passing mention to Rand Paul formally announcing his run for Jim Bunning's Senate seat and then flippantly added that Rand was hoping to cash in on his father's name recognition. The statement made me bristle so that I sat down to my PC immediately and emailed Mr. Bryant to ask his source. I asked him to verify that Rand Paul or his campaign had made that statement or to reveal where the "information" had come from. As of the time of this entry, no response from WKYT or anyone for that matter. I will be sure to keep you all posted when [if] I receive one.

The news is everywhere. We can't escape it. And most people agree that we are being spoon-fed by a propaganda machine no matter the channel. Whether or not we like the taste is irrelevant. But this statement, made by a WKYT reporter, concerns me as indicative of a much grander scheme.

Sun Tzu says that when an opponents forces are united, attempt to divide them. To paint Rand as being under-wing of his father, a well-known politician, implies that Rand is benefiting from his father's connections and getting a boost from Daddy to get his foot in the door. They are hoping to lash him to the stigma of the Republican party with regard to inherited wealth and social status in the midst of an already raging culture war. To those following his campaign, Rand Paul is grassroots, tea parties and genuine outrage. This early attack strikes at the heart of his campaign in a back-handed, insinuative manner. The whore of the liberal agenda, yes MSM I am referring to you, is already laying down her machinations.

I am not here to endorse any candidate, but I have seen that the character assassinations are already beginning and the mainstream media are operating without fear of condemnation. It's obvious why 2010 election prospects are already drawing the attack dogs. There is MUCH at stake, more than ever before in our lifetimes.

  • Be aware of the tactics.
  • Look for what is not being shown and listen to what is not being said.
  • Review your incumbents voting record if they have one. If not, do your own research about their political views, their associations and their influences. Don't rely on the "honesty" of their opponents ads. [Should I even have to say this?]
  • Most importantly, do not allow your mind to be made up for you. Do not allow your voice to be silenced.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Clunker Blunder

I hesitate to post on this because, to be honest, I am tired of hearing about it. The media has been going on ad naseum about the situation for two days either commentating on the dreadfully inept way the program has been handled [Fox News] or twitterpated with the Obama administration because they have finally managed to do something that was a success with the American public [All other MSM].

Imagine that! Giving the American taxpayers back their money to spend on an item they needed was both wildly popular and successful!

Don't look for the current administration to take to that mode of thinking, though. There was a much less altruistic goal from the infamous sponsors, Senators Schumer D-NY, Feinstein D-CA and Collins R-ME [You'll recall this gem as one of the three Senators who backed Dems on the stimulus bill]. The purpose was another eco-freak shove toward "going green". Had there been strict interest in helping American families in a time of great recession, the guidelines would have included two key components which were blatantly missing from the current version.

The first restriction would have been to give the allowance only on cars made in the United States. Instead, no such restriction was made thus paving the way for Honda's Insight and other hybrid makers to send more American money overseas.

The second is not a restriction at all, but moreover a provision for the parting out of vehicles that were being traded in. Instead, they are going to be destroyed so that no portion of the vehicle can be reused. This point was made by Mica Sims on . The destruction of these vehicles will not only deprive the market of sellable stock, but it will cause a drop in supply making it more difficult [i.e. more expensive] for people who own older or less fuel efficient vehicles to locate replacement parts. When these vehicles cannot be repaired for lack of parts, those who own them will have no choice but to purchase smaller, more fuel-efficient models that are also less useful or versatile .

Trying desperately to overlook the reason for the success of the program [returning wealth to the people instead of taking it] Susan Collins, in a television interview, stated that she was not surprised that the program was such a success that they ran out of funds within a week. She had originally petitioned for 4 billion to find the program, but they had whittled it down to 1 billion- the fools! And then in the next breath she says that the move was intended to give the economy a jolt, [and I am paraphrasing here] not to foot the bill for everyone wanting to trade-in.


So the true goal was to create enough of a rush to trade-in to give the pretense of helping the American taxpayer and the economy, but when their thirst was assured and the dealerships were over-eager, you pull the rug? For once, I agree with Obama. It did work, beautifully.

But even in a relative success, its become a total clusterf*ck.

  • The destruction of the trade-in engines involves using an acid and crushing the cars. Many handlers don't want to deal with these clunkers because of the hazardous chemicals, so disposal has become a problem.
  • In all of their infinitely green-mindedness, did it not occur to anyone involved in the construction of this bill that introducing a corrosive acid into the environment hundreds of thousands of times over and just as many hunks of compacted metal might not be so good for the environment? Perhaps we should sell all of those metal cubes to Disney for backdrop on the set of Wall-E 2!
  • The website being used has bogged already and dealers are reporting absurd lag times. The auditors being petitioned for rebates are rejecting them for nonsensical reasons. One dealer reported that the first application he put through was rejected by the auditor because they claimed that it exceeded the $45,000 maximum price. It was for a Hyundai Sonata*.
  • Let's not forget the big one- extreme lack of foresight in funding. They failed to project the scope of interest. I have no doubt, personally, that they had every intention for the money to run out before the deadline of November, but it's obvious that they did not expect the money to dry up quite so quickly. Now they are scrambling to get mountains of additional funding for a flawed program or risk outright revolt from car buyers who may have to return their new cars when their old ones are already junked and angry dealers who are stuck in the middle.

It's not hard to see why Americans are asking themselves why on this Earth the government should have control over anything, let alone something as vital as the health and welfare of our people.

*MSRP on a Hyundai Sonata starts at $18,700

Friday, July 31, 2009

A Quagmire of Corruption

Overwhelm the system.

That's the plan and its working. The people in power- soon to be referred to as "the ruling class"- have completely thrown off their sheeps clothing. The wolves are parading around in broad daylight. They are cramming junk legislation through committees and scoffing while we demand that they show some small modicum of responsibility. And they are doing it at a pace that they KNOW we won't be able to fight.

  • While Obama is having his beer summit, the House is sneaking through the Healthcare Bill. I don't care what they said about when they are going to vote, the sneak attack is coming.
  • Small farms are in danger from a bill that would allow a government takeover, putting the government in control of the food supply.
  • The H1Ni vaccine, which is being purchased in massive numbers will be foisted on the public this Fall. Not only are they recommending everyone get both shots this year [traditional and H1N1], they are saying that people might need two shots of the H1N1 vaccine. And guess what- thanks to the Bush administration, these companies are going to be free from liability for damages. Bush's HHS Secretary, Michael Leavitt, announced the legislation which allowed medicines to be "unavoidably unsafe". Huh? So they are pushing an experimental [There have been NO long-term trials for this medication to determine safety or side effects] vaccine in record numbers over a trumped up, false pandemic while John Holdren- the Science Czar for the Obama regime- is pushing for contamination of water and food supplies to force population control. Um, keep your damn vaccine and stay away from my kids. I want grandchildren someday.
  • Oh, and on the topic of Swine Flu there's talk of the government enforcing pandemic-related restrictions on travel and GATHERING. That's funny- weren't the 9/12 organizing a march on DC for Sept.? And bad luck for all of those tea party protestors, huh? What are the odds?
  • Obamas Supreme Court pick, a self-described wise Latina woman [that's code for "whitey-hating racial activist] is being rammed through with some Republican lawmakers resisting. Let's just call the woman what she is- a racist. She's got a score to settle and she's so passionate about it that she has lectured about it on numerous occasions. Why is everyone so surprised? Obama calls white cops who arrest a black man for any reason "stupid", he writes about his anger toward white men in positions of power in his books, he goes to a church that preaches hatred for non-blacks and people are shocked when his Supreme Court pick is repeatedly recorded admitting to judicial bias based on race?
  • Don't forget about Cap and Trade. It's not being discussed in the main stream media but it is still on the table and it still being tweaked. Arms are being twisted and votes are being bought. During the original House vote Henry Waxman and Harry Reid were on the floor offering deals and payoffs like the bookies working the stands at a cock fight.
Be vigilante! Our enemy is hoping to outlast us and waits for us to tire out. Liberty is our legacy and I will not surrender my sons to slavery!

I would like to show my thanks for Rep. Ryan [R-WI] and Rep. Pence [R-IN] who are fighting the good fight on this Eugenics nightmare being masqueraded as Health care Reform. Please don't falter. We need you.

Another shout out to my miserable excuse for a state rep. Richard Henderson who in the midst of all of this mess, took the time, along with the reps of other states to converge on Philly to be wined and dined at the NCSL [National Committee of State Legislators] where the attendance lists are sold for nearly $1000 to lobbying groups. This gives special interests a forum to spread their seeds, including pre-written legislation to take back to their home states [For more on this practice, Google "guardasil, lobbying"]. In his defense, Rep. Henderson had a staffer pen a kind response with a simple "everyone is doing it" message.
Thanks Rep. Henderson for being just another worthless politician!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Aren't We All to Blame?

It's been several days since I posted [and several since I exercised, but that's for a different blog] but there is a very good reason.

As I have said in the past, my time with my Dad is very rare and subsequently very precious to me. So when he called from my driveway Friday night for an impromptu visit, I was elated. Hence, my absence.

Most of the time, I spend my day surrounded by like-minded individuals. I read the posts by the 9/12ers, I read and and listen to the conservative Trifecta of Glenn Beck, Rush, and Leland Conway. Usually, when I am faced with an opposing viewpoint, it is skewed so far left as to make it nearly nonsensical that I disregard it outright. But, when the opinion comes from a position of authority, well...

"Government is what got us into this healthcare crisis. It's the responsibility of the government to get us out." My scathing retort comes bubbling up almost before I can stop it. This is my dad, after all, and I remind myself that he and I are at different points in our lives when our world view is going to be completely different, so I ask him to explain.

"Well, corrupt capitalism has led to out of control health care prices and devious practices by pharmaceutical and insurance companies. The government let it go on so long, catering to special interest that now they have no choice but to step in." He goes on to relay a story to me from his job. He works for a large financial company in the mortgage division. [Needless to say, his advice has been priceless in the recent real estate debacle. It was through his knowledge that I was led to look closer at the Federal Reserve] He describes an unwritten policy by which the company keeps people behind on their mortgages from correcting the matter, grabbing capital from them, which they later regain, but in the meantime they have played with it, invested it and benefited from it. He says that he has been disciplined off the record for circumventing the policy many times.
My loose tongue is too quick for me this time. "You're risking your job."
He smiles and says simply, "You're part of the problem." His barb injures me for many reasons but most of all because I know he is right. It's a problem that started generations ago when we gravitated away from personal integrity and distanced ourselves from consequence.

Now some people will contend that it was when we stopped being afraid of God that we started to go astray and to an extent I believe that this is true. But, someone in the 9/12ers group recently spoke of sacred honor and I nearly had to laugh because he was referring to a local politician. But the phrase stuck with me "sacred honor". How many companies factor honorability into their actions? Everything has only a monetary factor now. The CEOs make millions and when budgetary issues occur, instead of everyone knuckling down and digging in there is a round of firings and dozens of families thrown into immediate chaos. Companies used to take care of their employees- now there are only bottom lines.

Moreover, people used to take care of themselves, but we have become a society of over-indulgients. Even our "poor" families are overfed and out of shape. Our politicians feel entitled to see their mistresses on Father's Day while their wives and children struggle to come to terms with their lack of family headship. Women who cherish their families while trying to serve, like Sarah Palin, are vilified, insulted and harassed. Liberals may have led the charge, but few Conservatives raised a voice in her defense. The attributes we should want to espouse are mocked and ridiculed.

We are all to blame. It is all of us who have moved away from honorability and it may mean the downfall of a republic that was once great.

Who will live with honor today?

Am I saying that Capitalism is evil? No, evil people are evil. Many modern CEOs and business heads operate without honor and have no problem testifying to it. And if corporate America has no honor, American government is completely without conscience.

Now since this blog entry makes me sound like flaming Liberal, I have this to say. Politics starts locally. We all know that. So does honorability. I will strive even more to weigh the full consequences of my own actions before I commit them, not just the consequences to myself but to all persons and apply two little seen attributes in this day and age: deep contemplation and restraint.

Congress should do the same. They should think about what their current legislation will mean to all people, not just the "uninsured" or the "super-rich" or the eco-freaks like Al Gore. With the reawakening of our patriotism comes a sobering reminder of how far all of us have drifted. While we work to get ourselves back to that place of holding ourselves with honor it is incumbent upon us to ensure that those who represent us do the same.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Left, left, left...The Cadence Toward Socialism

Lots of things to talk about so for the sake of [quasi] brevity, I will attempt a digest form today.

- Protecting Freedom of Speech
The Broadcaster Freedom Amendment is being filed on Monday. This would be an affront to those Democrats who seek to revive the Fairness Doctrine, forcing radio hosts like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and our own Kruser and Leland Conway to present equal representation from opposing viewpoints. It won approval in the Senate by a wide margin, but Dick Durbin-D managed to attach an amendment that would encourage [i.e. require] diversity in ownership. This would be an attempt to break up ownership of entities like Clear Channel and could potentially put small syndicated local stations out of business. It's a back- door way of sliding damaging intentions of the Fairness Doctrine into legislation meant to protect free speech. What's worse is that according to Rep. Mike Pence R-IN, the House Democrats have begun stalling to refuse to let Republican-backed legislation come to the floor. We need to call our reps and tell them to allow the vote and deny ANY revival of the Fairness Doctrine.

- Nancy Pelosi- Shut up!
Lying is an accepted aspect of the American mentality, whether you think it is right or wrong, it simply is. Take the current unpleasantness as an example. Nancy Pelosi, a politician, is ranting and raving that she's not a liar. Leon Panetta, current director of the CIA, is much more stoically doing the same. Both of them are liars and we know it. There's a difference, though. Leon Panetta didn't tout the merits of his ultra-virtuous, super-honest fleet of Democratic do-gooders and vow transparency. Leon Panetta doesn't answer to an electorate, and therefore has no reason to lie about who knew what and when. Why not just admit that maybe you were wrong, had one of those infamous Congressional lapses? I'll tell you why not...
Because you've placed that transparency promise on your back like a saddle and the voters are riding you all the way to the show. Nancy Pelosi has no latitude. When you beat your pulpit-oops, I mean podium- about leading the most transparent Congress in history, we expect it. You made a claim and failed to fulfill it. You blew your chance. Forget buying your BS, we aren't even listening anymore.
Madame Speaker, next time [and there will be a next time] a few words of advice: Me think ye doth protest too much. Shut up.

- Hearing Our Voice or Throwing Us A Bone?
Chandler has co-sponsored a House bill to Audit the Fed. That's awesome and frankly more than I have come to expect from him. Maybe after signing onto the Cap and Slave bill, they threatened to boot him from the Blue Dog Coalition, who knows? Maybe it was the hundreds of pink slips that were dumped into his office. Also, the Senate is reportedly benching the Cap and Trade bill until after the August recess. Why? Do they finally get it? Perhaps, but I am not convinced. It could be that Ben Chandler used some of the balls delivered to his office last week from WLAP host Leland Conway [and his producer Aaron], but I think its more likely that he was throwing us a bone and banking on Harry Reid to continue to kill this effort in the Senate. In addition, they are pushing back the Cap and Tax vote until public opinion is not as strongly voiced and we are all busy, settled back into the school year. Don't fall asleep or be pacified with a small victory- that's what they are hoping for!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Saddening Extent of American Progressivism

My eyes are puffy. I've spent a good portion of the day and most of last night crying. I was informed yesterday that I was not entitled to religious freedom because I am not Christian. Yeah, you read that right.

An argument on a liberty meet-up board turned ugly when a poster reminded several vocal Christians that liberty is God-given to everyone. What erupted was an argument by accused eclectics that Christians do not have a monopoly on Conservatism and Christians stomping their refusal to shut up and move to the back of the bus. In an effort to define their own liberties, they stomped all over each other.

This is the true essence of what comes of the Progressive movement. We are so demanding that others embrace those things that make us individual that we are not able to get past those differences to work together. In a stroke of pure irony, the purported goal of celebrating diversity has led to a society more split into factions than in any other point in American history.

It is said that a nation divided cannot stand. The argument that we were all Americans fighting for the liberty of all fell upon deaf ears by right-fighters who were not content to be understood- their viewpoints had to be concurred. Are you with us or against us?

Is that multiple choice?

The other day, I heard a young man call in to complain on the Rush Limbaugh show. After saying that he had never met a Republican that wasn't a racist [Boy, wait until Colin Powell, Michael Steele and Michelle Malkin get that dose of reality!], he admitted that he had a brother who was homeless, but wouldn't allow his blood kin to live with him because they don't get along and are just too different. Never mind the fact that they have a womb in common, its just not enough to stand together in difficult times.

And that's where we are, a nation of people consumed by our differences affronting the founding fathers who made us all Americans. How ashamed of us they would be and rightly so. Not until we are able to be Americans FIRST again will be able to stand for anything.

As for me, I will continue to fight as an American. I will fight for my freedom to live my life as I see fit and for your right to condemn me. I love you, my American brothers. Will you fight at my side?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Why the Turmoil in Honduras is So Important.

Tucked squarely in the middle of Central America, between Guatemala and Nicaragua lies Honduras. It was, and remains for the moment, a democratic republic. The democraticly elected president, Manuel Zelaya, was not a good guy. He has been in office for about three years and since then has moved from his centralist platform to the extreme left. The move that led to his ouster? He sponsored a referendum which would have allowed him to stay in power regardless of the upcoming election, which he was not anticipated to win. The referendum was in direct violation of the country's constitution and was ruled as such by their Supreme Court. They called it what it was- an attempt at despotism. He was surrounded in his home by the military and forcibly ejected from the country.
The new president appointed by the Congress to serve out the remaining half year of Zelaya's term was Roberto Micheletti who, thankfully, remains defiant to outside pressure. Among the detractors of the "coup" are Hugo Chavez [big surprise], The UN [big deal] and none other than our own despot, Barack Obama.

"We believe that the coup was not legal and that President Zelaya remains the
democratically elected president there,"
Obama said. "It would be a terrible precedent if we start moving backwards into the era in which we are seeing military coups as a means of political transition rather than democratic elections," he added. "The region has made enormous progress over the last 20 years in establishing democratic tradtions. ... We don't want to go back to a dark past."

Why didn't they just wait until the election? It's only seven months away. ACORN just went international; there's no way they could have rigged that election just yet, could they? There were protestors numbering into the hundreds of thousands clamoring for Zelaya's return, if the main stream media reports are to be believed. I am certain that if Obama was ousted by a coup, there would be supporters demostrating in the streets here. Liberals do make up 1/5 of the US population.

Then, why should we care?

The point is that Zelaya was trying to circumvent the Constitution to keep himself in power which by its own design is an un-democratic move. Obama allies himself with Hugo Chavez and the U[seless] N[ations] to chastise a goverment for defending its Constitution and removing a tyrant before he seized complete power.

It comes down to this: Barack Obama is allying himself with tyrants who intend to [and have] trample on the people in their countries and against the liberty and God- given freedom of the people they govern. His flacid, long overdue response to Iran's stamping down of protests proves it. He's looking down the road and he sees what's coming. He's suring up supporters for the day when the coup is at his door.

I saw a sign the other day that said,


Excuse me, while I sharpen my pitchfork...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Shock and urrggg..

Like most Americans, yesterday I awoke to the brightened spirit of the holiday with a somber mind full of our nations' current woes.

Over morning coffee, my husband turned to me and said, "I can't believe she quit." I had no idea who he was talking about. "Palin. Sarah Palin. She resigned." Coffee came out my nose.
My knee-jerk reaction was predictable. Nobody likes a quitter. Why would she give the Left this kind of ammunition? I groaned into a new cup of coffee.

But, the "why?" of the matter is a source of stern contention. There are several reasons I can think of off the top of my head, so many reasons that make sense: that self-adoring comedian [the one who resembles the spawn of Eleanor Roosevelt and the March Hare from Alice in Wonderland] and his class-less barbs, the mounting frivolous lawsuits being levied in an effort to bankrupt her, the fear for the welfare of her children, and the pressure- so much pressure.

"Some bloggers are saying that she's doing this to focus on a 2012 presidential run." The thought had crossed my mind, flitting and fleeting. If Sarah Palin understands anything, its the Conservative mindset. Conservatives understand digging in our heels when things get tough, not tucking tail and running. Not to say we wouldn't vote for anyone running against Obama. I have a drunken uncle who wets himself that would be less destructive, and frankly more entertaining, than our current Commander in Thief.

Palin has been so vilified because of her convictions that she was stymied in her current position. Did she not even refer to herself as a lame duck? The character assassination at which they are so skilled began the minute the DNC dropped a swarm of propagandists onto the Alaskan landscape at the announcement of her nomination to the VP ticket. The intention was to either discredit her or to break her. The DNC appears to have acheived part of that goal.

Sound military strategy lends itself to the idea of forfeiting the battle to win the war. The governorship was an un-winnable battle for Sarah Palin. There were too many ways for the liberal Left to attack her on that front. Is she regrouping to launch an offensive on another front and will the initial retreat cost her supports? All speculation at this point.

I no longer care about the future of the Republican party. The bed they lie in they have made for themselves. But Americans, truly patriotic Americans who are ready to rise up, need a face they can rally behind. Some faces have begun to emerge like Rand Paul [Who I would love to see run against Ben Chandler in 2010.] , son of Rep. Ron Paul. Palin has been, for many, one of those faces. Ensign, Sanford and now Palin have succumbed the the leftist smear- machine, but unlike the shameful actions of her male party affiliates, Sarah Palin's cut from the leadership is not as deep. Whether she will warrant our continued support remains to be seen.

Only time will unravel the plans of Sarah Palin and the motives behind her resignation. Such monumental legislation as Cap and Trade, Socialized Health care, and Real Pass are more than enough to keep us from stalling in the meanwhile. WE THE PEOPLE cannot afford to slow. We will dig in our heels and soldier on.

Leaders, come forward. We are ready to move.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Following the Pied Piper

I have been meaning to post for days now. Really, I have. Each time I sit down at my computer and set my hands to the keyboard, I try to focus and organize my thoughts. I begin to type, but the steady flow in my mind widens. Tributaries merge and new aspects bleed in, others out and before long, my neatly formed thought has become a full- on rant. This happened nearly every day- there's just too much for me to be able to focus. But, isn't that the point?

I am worried about money, isn't everyone. We all know the economy is in the toilet. With unemployment nudging toward double digits [If layoffs who have taken part-time work or quit looking are factored in, it is 16.5%!] The thought of my husband out of a job is frankly enough to make me wet myself. We would lose everything we have worked so hard to build: our small house, our one car and the small modicum of pride we have derived from working our way up.

Then, I look at the bills on the table. Not our table, the bills in the House. Cap and Trade, Health care ReFORCE and my mouth goes dry. Cap and Trade, which has already passed the House, will raise my electric bills to $400 a month. I can't afford the $150 they are now.* The forced Health care plan has fines for not having Health care, $1000 for each individual and $4500 for a family. If I can't afford the $500 additional per month for health insurance for myself and my husband, how am I going to afford $2000 in fines every year? I start adding up the tally and nearly lose my breakfast: $650 which would add 25% to a budget with less than 10% in surplus. We would be bankrupted in less than a fiscal quarter.

Hey wait! I leap to my feet. I have a small [SMALL] part-time auditing business, being the piggish capitalist that I am. I do inspections for retail and hospitality establishments. I could just work more. Oops- not so fast. Obama's private sector wrecking ball has taken a toll there as well, cutting the number of paying jobs I have in half and the ones that are paying are paying less. Companies aren't spending, so my ability to earn more is diminished. My earning potential is capped. But, it's that the point?

My father [and stepmother] is the only extended family I have and he lives two states away. He works full-time and rarely has free time for anything. So a chat of any length on the phone is a treat and happens infrequently. He calls and can immediately tell something is wrong. I spill the beans. He tells me not to worry in the consoling way that fathers do. "They'll see, kiddo. When no one can pay their bills and no one has any money to even afford the basics and they have to bail us all out- then they'll see."
"But, isn't that the point, Dad? That's where they want us. That's Socialism- get everyone dependent on the system."
My father is quiet for a moment. "I didn't think of it that way. That would sure be a sneaky, back-handed way to do it."

Yes, Dad, it is.

[*NOTE: For the purpose of full-disclosure: I own a house younger than 20 years with insulated windows, a digital thermostat set to 78 degrees and less than 1000 square feet. I do not own a dishwasher and my washer is an energy star front loader. ]

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ben-edict Chandler

Ben Chandler has crossed the line in the sand...
The Herald-Leader has quoted Ben-edict Chandler as saying
"When I cast this vote, I thought about my children, their future and the duty all of us have to stewardship." Would that be the same stewardship that you promised the people of Kentucky who put you in office? Will your children get the same back-door shaft that you pulled on all of us? You "protected" your children while pulling the rug out from under mine.
Kentucky is set to be one of the states hardest hit economically by this legislation, but Chandler thinks that's not the most important thing. It's about stewardship of the planet, after all, not the thousands of jobs that will be lost or the families who will be devastated by electric bills and fuel prices that skyrocket. It's comforting to know that my children will be breathing clean air as they freeze to death.
"We passed transformational legislation, which will take us into the future," Pelosi, D-Calif., said at a news conference. But she acknowledged it was not easy. "For some it was a very difficult vote because the entrenched agents of the status quo were out there full force jamming the lines in their districts and here, and they withstood that," she said.
[Dina Cappielo-AP] Um, excuse me? Did that vile harridan just accuse me of obstructing my Congressman in his duty by harassing him with my differing opinion- the opinion of a voter- in his district? Or was her complaint against the protesters outside? Thank Heaven this isn't Iran- yet.
Here's a little flatout honesty for you. Nancy Pelosi, Al Gore and GE, among others, will make billions off of this legislation and that's all that this is about- money and influence. Chandler is hoping to ride the wave of that influence tucked comfortably inside of Nancy Pelosi's pocket. He doesn't think he needs us anymore- he has the might of the DNC to get re-elected. What can we honest voters do to fight corrupt Congressmen with their army of ACORN volunteers fabricating supporters out of thin air?
This is not the country I inherited from my father and it is not the one I will leave to my sons. I am sick with the betrayal. This no longer has anything to do with climate change and whether or not you believe it to be so. The people of Kentucky were very clear- four of the Congressman got the message. Chandler turned his back on us, the very people he is bound to represent. He mis-represented us in Congress. There has to be a consequence for that...