Wednesday, February 10, 2010

No more placation...

I had a loved one recently request that I take a step back . He pointed out that I was losing my usual tolerance, that I was becoming demanding with my kids and had stopped being as easy-going with everyone else. I value this person [I don't necessarily agree with their views or opinions.] and I wanted to make them happy so I decided to give it a whole-hearted try. I backed off listening to so much talk radio, I stopped most of my blogging [I have some late night drafts from when I couldn't sleep.] and stayed out of the political loop. I tried, honestly, I did.

But, I can't do it anymore. And what's more, I realized that it was a foolish thing to agree to attempt. The hope is that we as a society will get tired of the angst and upheaval and just plop our heads back in the sand. The assertion is that Americans don't have the tenacity to stomach the unrest. We as American, perhaps even as humans, inherently want everything to be normal and deep down most of us are just waiting until things return to "normal" enough that we can go back to our lives. I realized a while ago that "normal" wasn 't going to cut it. We have to be fully invested in this struggle, completely sure of the side we are on because we are going to be waging this war for many years to come. It is going to take serious fortitude to stick it out, because this mess is going to descend into a sub-level of Hell that many of us have never seen. I will get more into that in coming days.

The opposition truly is not a particular administration or political party. We are fighting to preserve our right to liberty as it was defined to us in the Constitution against a mentality of entitlement. With all of the snow, D.C. was pretty much shut down and most meetings were cancelled. Which single appointment did Obama keep? His meeting with the heads of several minority organizations. It was important enough to him to meet with these groups to assure them that his plans for wealth redistribution are still a go. He's given lip service to the issues that voters are most concerned with in his State of the Union [State of the Union? Ummm, it sucks. Wow, I didn't even need the 70 minutes.] address and then in the same breath that he says that his focus of 2010 will be jobs, he reverts back to Healthcare and resurrects Cap and Trade. Reconciliation has reared its ugly head again. The rumor going is that the new "Jobs Bill" [see Stimulus #2] will have CardCheck legislation written into it. The Senate refused to approve the formation of a Deficit Panel [aka Tax Hike Committee] so Obama has decided to use an executive order to create one. His choice for the Head of the National Labor Relations Board was denied a confirmation vote by all Republicans and two Democrats, so he is threatening to make an incontestable recess appointment. What is the point of all of this?

The lips are moving and there are words coming out- BUT THEY MEAN NOTHING.

Growing up, most of us were told that a person is not what they say. We all know the adage, "Actions speak louder than words." This presidents' actions show us that he
ideologically cannot deviate from his agenda. He is convinced that Socialism is the best path for Americans and that we are only fighting it because we are too stupid [or fearful while clinging to our guns and religion] to accept that academics know better what our future should be. Therefore, he and his Progressive Congressional comrades keep pushing forward unpopular legislation, martyring themselves politically to "do the right thing" for our future.

There's a problem with academics: very few of them are successful at anything. Academics are the thinkers who don't have the courage to actually take the risk to put their thoughts to action. They lack, for the most part, any practical knowledge whatsoever. They discount morality as an intangible, almost theological after-thought, which is how the monstrosity of eugenics was born. When the colossal failure of Socialist regimes passed are brought to light- the massive slaughter of human life compared- academics discount these arguments as fear- mongering or flat-earth. Their reasoning is so much more sound, the learned plan so pristine that it could only succeed.

Anyone who has ever worked up a household budget knows how often learned plans come to perfect fruition and since most academics have never really done anything with all of their thinking, it's no wonder that their theories are not tempered with experience. Socialism is doomed to failure- always. Its most intrinsic precepts- that man, society, and its environment can be bred into perfection- discount morality, defies reality and most importantly it decimates personal liberty. And the kind of thinking that leads to larger government control of our lives and our choices cannot be allowed. We have allowed the Progressives to drag the term "normal" further and further left until "normal" means little to none of what it used to and the original definition is no longer even visible.

NO more making nice.
NO more middle ground.
NO more keeping the peace.

That "normal" needs to come a hell of a lot further right. Further than it was a year ago. Further than it was fifty years ago. So if you're of the opinion that a large central government that regulates everything is the cure for humanity's ills, that by doing enough everything should be guaranteed and the idea of a nanny state wraps around you like a warm blanket, then I am here to rip the covers off.

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