Sunday, March 28, 2010

This Business of Propaganda...

prop·a·gan·da   Show Spelled[prop-uh-gan-duh] Show IPA
1.information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc.

Persons of renown [not necessarily respectable] are claiming that persons like myself and perhaps even you are insane and out- of- control. They point to events like the protest of the Healthcare bill in Washington D.C. on the 20th as an example. But, you see there's a problem with that:

I was there.

That's right, I was at those protests. And I wasn't the only one- there was SEIU and La Raza [ Anyone who claims that La Raza is not a racist bunch is either uninformed or lying.] out in full force. So for them to claim that it could only have been Healthcare protesters is a flat out lie. The fact that there is no actual footage of the allegations is telling. There were cameras everywhere. When something looked like it was going to go down, everyone whipped out their cellphones. Nothing like this could have occurred without several instances of footage. There was even a Tea Party protester with a massive sign that said, "If you hear a racial slur 'Boo', step away and point and get the jerk filmed and post it to YouTube- those people have no place in our Tea Parties'. I agree. In addition, there was no hate-speech chanting. There were no racial slurs being yelled. No one yelled anything about homosexuals- there were gay couples protesting in the crowd! Sure, Nancy Pelosi may have considered the chanting of her name by thousands of angry protesters to be menacing, but there were no threats of violence by the crowd, unless you consider "Obama show your face!" a threat.

What's more is that no one was walking through the crowd of protesters. Even Reps who were against the bill like Michele Bachmann and others from Texas came out to the steps but never entered the crowd. That top pic is of Michele Bachmann speaking to a friendly crowd from behind the stone wall. The fact that Reps were walking through the crowd WITH CAMERAS FILMING showed that they were hoping, even daring something to happen and when nothing did, they fabricated it.

So, why would they make this up? What would be the point? Well, for one, race-baiting is a lucrative business. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Louis Farrakhan have become rich men by poking and prodding the black culture to feel continually trod upon regardless of the social programs and cash flying at them. No amount of guilt, or money, will ever be sufficient, but they keep soaking up the dough. Al Sharpton has even admitted that this Healthcare bill is socialism and he approves of it for the continued repayment of a debt he asserts whites still owe. My grandparents immigrated from the Communist block and the UK after the first World War. They never had slaves. But, he resents me for my skin color being different from his. Ironic, huh?

Even Barney Frank cashed in on this claiming that anti-gay hate-speech was hurled at him with absolutely no proof, as well. And why shouldn't he make those claims? He is in trouble with constituents and needs to re-energize his base, too.

Secondly, if you had an opposition that was fired up and growing in size, wouldn't it make good political sense to illegitimize them to discourage anyone from joining their ranks and get them to tone down their speech? To portray them as fringe and denigrate them to the status of violent mobs, normal everyday people who may have been moved to attend the next Tea Party will shy away and continue to be silent, which is precisely what the 'ruling class' wants.

Now, I know that there are those out there that are ready to pick up arms. This, my friends is playing right into their hands. This is the reason behind the continued assaults on us. Do not give them [Please forgive the pun.] the ammunition to fire at you. We have to remain firm, but non-violent. We have truth on our side. We have the sweet wind of liberty at our backs. Do not give in to the momentary satisfaction from a desire for 'justice' and trade your sacred honor in the process.

Now, I have included some pics for those of you that did not get to go to DC. I must add that now is not the time to suppress your voice or have it suppressed. Regardless of who or what is holding you back, your children, your families need you NOW to fight for their future.

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