Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Rightful Place of Virtue- TRUTH

As a kid, I had a bad relationship with truth.

When I was a child [with the mindset of most liberals], I had no concept of moral integrity much less a regard for it. I thought that the 'truth' was a changeable, malleable inconstant that I could mold to fit my needs or provide a great tale to regale my siblings and parents.
Yep, that bear came out of the woods and he was roaring and charging at me, but I hit him in the nose with a rock and he ran away.
I could say they were tall tales, youthful imagination and a slew of other bologna, but they were lies, flat out.
Not surprising, as a child, I garnered a reputation for fibbing and just as in "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" I was not believed ever. Oh, yeah and I got spanked for it. A lot.

As a kid, I wanted so badly to differentiate myself from my siblings that I made up colossal tales to build myself up. I quickly found that it had the opposite effect. Perhaps it was the stark and sometimes painful consequences of my lying that led me to be that adult I am. My parents never minced words about how they regarded my lying and how it lowered their opinion of me as a person. That was the hardest part for me- to know that I was less of a person for being a liar. And though it was a problem that ended before grade school, my father still jibes me about it to this day.

I think it is safe to say that I have gone the complete other way as an adult with regard to truth. I am known for speaking the truth even when it is painful to hear. My personal saying is that I would rather hurt you with the truth than appease you with a lie. No doubt, this has cost me many friendships, and my current friends know not to ask my opinion unless they are girded for the answer.


First, I understand that a lie is seen through very quickly and a deceiver is flushed out in short order. Lies never stay hidden for long and I would rather endure the consequence of speaking with truth whether it be scorn and ridicule or physical attacks than live with the shame of being a liar and sacrificing my sacred honor- I understand the value of my integrity now. I guess that's where faith in a higher authority comes into play...but I digress.

Second, my sacred honor is not worth it. It is something more valuable to me than money and worth more than any momentary adoration or acceptance. I would rather be consistent and clear and have faith that those of like mind will recognize those traits in me.

The reason I bring this up. - Money- making scam - Cash laundering by Democratic Strategists*

There's a lot of propaganda flying around right now on both sides. In fact, I don't know if it has ever been like this. I am active in a way I have never been before, with a passion that seems to spring eternal. Long-time friends are shying away from me. Family members are pleading with me to "just let this blow over". To do so would be lying to myself and lying to everyone around me. For all of my jaded history with truth, I cannot and will not turn away from it now. I want to encourage people to embrace truth. That niggling feeling in the pit of your stomach when you are not sure that something is right or correct, don't squash it down, embrace it, examine it- there's more at stake than a little white lie. If something feels wrong, define why it makes you feel that way.

As a nation, we have moved away from personal responsibility and dealing with the consequences of the choices we make and the truth of the lives we are leading. THIS HAS TO STOP. If you have lied, fess up. If you have shirked your responsibilities, step up and do the right thing. Your sacred honor and worth as a person is contingent upon these things. It's human to screw up but it is foolishness to run from truth. Eventually it will overtake you. We must have our own house in order before we can change any other [House of Reps, White House and so on].


*Craig Varoga and George Rakis

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