Thursday, October 15, 2009

ACORN, SEIU, AFLCIO, NFL and so on...

I may just have to boycott the Superbowl this year.

I come from Pittsburgh, PA originally, and even for a girl, football is in the blood. I do own an authentic NFL Steelers' jersey which I frequently wear in public. My vehicle had at one time touted a customized Steeler vanity plate [I will be getting another one made when I travel home for the holidays this winter.] and my defense of Bill Cowher nearly got me into a fistfight with a bus driver once at Fayette Mall. Oh, yeah, I am hard core...
My husband, for whatever reason, is a St. Louis Rams fan and being the tolerant person that I am, I married him anyway. He has been a good sport over the years, cheering for the Steelers at my side and I as a dutiful wife have tried not to laugh [too loudly] when the Rams are playing. Truth be told, it is a dark day in the house when the Steelers play the Rams.

Hubby and I were psyched at the idea of Rush Limbaugh owning a part of the franchise. I listen to Rush frequently and admire the fact that he is self-made. That is the American dream after all isn't it- to become successful, work your way up and use that success to make your dreams come true?

Now anyone who has watched a handful of NFL games knows that the entire league is as corrupt as the Norwegian Nobel Institute. There are dubious calls, convenient penalties and more money changing hands than on the floor of the US stock exchange. But, until today, I sort of identified with the NFL. I am a worker, middle class, love the sport and to show it I financially support the league and the players with my patronage. I mean, the NFL is all about the working man [or woman], right?


According to the commissioner of the NFL, they do not support freedom of speech or independent thought. Raping girls on cruise ships, animal abuse, shooting up a night club and rampant drug use are all still okay as far as I know, but don't you dare express your opinion. Terrell Owens learned that the hard way when he poked fun at the New England establishment in 2007 for calling them the cheaters that they are.

The really absurd thing about all of this is that the two most ostentatious racists of our time, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, had the audacity to accuse Rush Limbaugh of comments-which he has repeatedly denied and they have never substantiated- that fuel a mentality of hatred and racism, and the NFL gave them the floor. Are you kidding me? These are two men who have fabricated a rabid hatred out of thin air and woven it into a culture war. Both have shown themselves to be completely without any conscience, without virtue and now, without shame. They flock to any open camera while ignoring the true plight of those they claim to champion. Many black NFL players said they would stop playing. Ha! What a bunch of bullsh*t! Their convictions would suddenly take a back seat when they stopped getting paid, I am sure. Where was their self- righteous indignation when they had a real reason to be upset, like when Michael Vick was welcomed back with open arms and quietly got back his lucrative endorsement deals? So what that the guy committed an actual crime, he did his time. We all make mistakes, right? But mistakes are one thing and conservatism appears to be quite another- more taboo than swine flu it would appear. Seems to me these dumb ass jocks are demonizing the very public who gave them their icon status. Sounds vaguely familiar [see Hollywood].

So, it would seem that the NFL has become just another left wing acronym, but instead of National Football League, they can change it to maybe Now Further Left or perhaps Not For Limbaugh since they have come full out into the open.

Is there anyone out there who hasn't sold their soul to the DNC? Is there anyone out there with their brain and reasoning ability intact who can explain to me how this is not a pursuit to further polarize the masses?

I hope the NFL has appeased their race-baiting vocal critics, because the bread and butter of their organization, fans like me, are turning a disgusted eye to the entire League. Way to shoot yourselves in the proverbial foot. Morons...


  1. Jeezus...what an ignorant tool.

  2. So then educate me. Deign to bless me with your brilliance. Or can you just call names?