Sunday, October 4, 2009

And the Left goes marching on...

Okay, back to digest form. This was a big news week with lots to cover. So, let's not dawdle...


You know I had to start with this.

It seems the new modis operandi of the Left is to defend those who happily exist without any discernible moral compass and attack anyone who even claims to follow a system of self-held values that might reach back to a form of religion. Has it been so long since Mark Sanford and have we completely lost the attention span to launch a decent comparison? Kentucky's court system has struck down the law that made it harder for sexual predators to live close to where children congregate, calling it a violation of the Constitution. David Letterman admits to using his position of authority to exact sexual favors from his female staff and no one, NO ONE calls him out for his hypocrisy. Perhaps Sarah Palin wasn't so off the mark when she worried about Willows safety around the man?
While all of this might give me a raging headache and moderate nausea, nothing knotted my gut like two statements released following the arrest of Roman Polanski. The first which left me furious and gape-jawed was Whoopi Goldberg defining what Polanski had done as not "rape-rape". Apparently, unless Polanski had beaten her to a pulp or killed her afterward, it wasn't really rape. This is not only a slap in the face to every woman who has been date-raped, but also every child who has been molested. Apparently, there is a long list [yes, a list] of Hollywood types who think that its okay to have sex with kids and evade prosecution. I don't think that anyone is surprised by Woody Allen, but Martin Scorcese, Tilda Swinton [Chronicles of Narnia] along with handfuls of nobodies. They argue about the judge running amok with the law in an attempt to make an example of Polanski as an excuse for his flight to Europe. Forget about appeals or anything about that legal process stuff. Apparently, cowardice is as excusable in Hollywood as being an ADMITTED child rapist. The icing was Sharon Tates' sister claiming that the sex was consensual. There is no such thing as consensual sex with a 13 year old, even if you haven't plied her/him with drugs and booze!
Where are the womens' advocacy groups? Where are the groups who protect children? Indeed, it is a dangerous time to be a kid in the US, especially if you live in Chicago, but we'll get to that.

Holocaust comparisons and other "frightening rhetoric"
Leading the charge to censure Joe Wilson, once she discovered it would be political expedient, Nancy Pelosi forgot her own statements about championing FDR because he was a disruptor and loving dissenters for their patriotism. She, also, failed to clarify that this only extends to Liberals. Ignoring the fact that Liberal activists are notorious for their violent protesting, we have the Speaker getting misty because, in her opinion, coarse wording can only lead to violence. When "Dead Face" Pelosi worked up her best to condemn anyone who angrily opposed the governments' attempt to takeover health insurance, she fell short of actual tears [perhaps the copious amounts of Botox numbed her tear ducts], but laid the ground work to prove what a colossal hypocrite she is.
When Alan Grayson D- FL took the floor of the House, complete with props to be certain that even those with hearing aids could understand, he accused the Republican party of wanting sick American to 'die quickly'. This was nothing more than a ploy to scare the elderly, his core constituency, into dropping their loud opposition. To compound his blatant lie, Grayson hit the circuit to discuss his comments at which time he made even more inflammatory accusations, even comparing the lack of movement by Republicans on healthcare reform to an American Holocaust. I have no doubt that this first term Congressman is trying to get his name out there. Hell, it worked for Obama [Five years ago, did anyone know who he was?]. I recognized these comments for the shock value that was intended. I also predicted Pelosi's limp-wristed and party-loyal response to criticism of Grayson. But, let's not forget another of her [in]famous quotes: she was put in her position "to get Democrats elected to Congress", ethics be damned.

The 2016 Olympics

I have to be honest. When Chicago got eliminated in the first round of voting, I started laughing so hard, I nearly fell out of my seat at the Central Kentucky Blood Center. I hadn't expected the news until later and the shock in the voice of the CNN news anchor nearly made me pee my pants. People stared- I was the only person amused-but I couldn't help it. While leaving, I pondered what I found more amusing- how insulted the Olympic committee was by the self-absorbed pleading of the "O"- triple threat or the idea that a city which leads the US in murders and runs double the national average on nearly every form of crime believed it could "inspire the world again".
Maybe, they should have led with a potential slogan: "Come to Chicago! Together, we can beat our honor students!" or how about "The Messiah calls it home, why shouldn't you?"
The arrogance of this president is clearly home bred from a city of people who sincerely believe that they have the right to expect that the world should admire them. Chicago is a black eye to this country, a blight, and what they are famous for is nothing that should be admired, aspired to or emulated. No doubt they will take this news as a way to further fuel the anger for the "injustices" lobbed at them and not as motivation to do something constructive to improve their city.

Kudos to Netanyahu, Shame on Obama
Well, this happened last week, but it deserves recognition. The speech he gave at the UN blasting Iran and its loose-lipped leader was worthy of accolades. He called the UN out, put blame where it was due and proved what an impotent group the UN is.
Obama chairs some stupid vote by the UN Security Council and intentionally suppresses a report exposing Irans' nuclear proliferation for no other reason than to save face! He waits until his glory is documented and he's in Pittsburgh to give a flacid reprimand to the Iranian regime. This act was criticize by French president Sarkozy. He stated that it had been his hope to make the announcement while at the UN to make a stronger statement, but Obamas attempt to "protect the image of success" weakened its strength.

The French are calling Obama weak! The French! And its a terrible shame that they are right...

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