Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Knowing your liberty

Part Two

I have been away for a while. Those who know me well know why. Suffice it to say that I have had my reasons.

During this time, I have had ample opportunity to ponder the second portion of my essay on personal liberty. Once we understand how the word itself has been mangled, it is easier to understand just how far we have moved from having personal liberty.

From the time we wake up in the morning, governmental interference is present. My children's pajamas come with a little tag to tell me to keep the clothing tight on the body and not to let them play too close to open flames. If I am such a dumb ass that I don't know instinctively know that, my children deserve a better mother. The EPA governs the quality of water I put into my coffee pot, the gas in the car I drive to work. The IRS takes "its cut" of the money I earn while I am there. Apart from my children, I have little control over what progressive propoganda they are being fed at public school. What's more, parents are further losing their right to decide about the health matters concerning their children. School officials are deeming what constitutes healthy food and what immunizations are "safe"*. After I vehemently refused to allow my children to get any of the 3 doses of various flu vaccine being pushed now, I was gape-jawed to hear my children begging for their school lunch of burgers and fries. They may not like the turkey on wheat, yogurt, and Gushers I give them as much, but I feel better about those offerings than my school districts generic rendition of a Happy Meal [*This has to be one of the most vexing and gut-wrenching problems in my life right now. ].
So our liberties are being peeled away like skin. The first couple of layers don't hurt so bad, but as you get closer to the core, the delicate center, it begins to hurt more and more and each additional layer lost becomes excruciatingly painful.
Growing up in a society that values pleasantness over principle and moral integrity, I have more than once been told to 'shut up and sit down'. My mother tried pounding submission into me. I was turned away from numerous job interviews by people who told me that I was more than qualified but they were concerned that I "wouldn't subjugate well". And they were right, I don't. I am seldom a follower. Coming to my own conclusions and 'dancing to the beat of my own drummer' often means dancing alone. And in a political atmosphere that is being dragged decidedly more left by corrupt politicians, PACs and a vulgarly- complicit media, dissenting voices screw up the cadence.
There are many who say that Healthcare has to be passed now. I say NO. Many say that man-made climate change is our greatest national threat and that Cap and Trade must be put into law. I say NOT ANOTHER SINGLE BILL. No more. Nothing. Until the spending, the deficit, and the corruption of our politicians and this administration are no longer threats to my liberty and that of my children, STOP EVERYTHING. I will fight with everything in me. I may do it alone, but I will not look into my children's eyes and have to explain to them why I did nothing when our country was selling them into slavery because liberty truly is the only thing that American are entitled to from birth.

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