Friday, September 25, 2009

Stay Away From My Kids!

This will probably be the shortest post I have ever made to my blog, because, essentially, it requires little explanation.


I met with the principal of my kids school and all of their teachers before the new year started. I made them aware that we had already invested in a full curriculum for both of them should homeschooling become necessary at any point in the year. I made the nurses aware that my children were not to receive any H1N1 vaccine or other state-required immunizations. They have a pediatrician for medical interventions [that we approve]. If they require more than a band-aid, I expect to know about it.
When Obama announced his address to school students, my husband and I were at the school the next morning. When the response was not concise, my children fell unfortunately ill of sun- sickness after the long holiday weekend.
Let me be clear.
These children are MINE! They are an extension of my own body and a large portion of my heart. I make the decisions where they are concerned. They are not future taxpayers. They do not hold the concerned interest of the government. Until they turn 18, they are MINE to train, instruct and indoctrinate as I feel is morally proper.
It is my right to convey to my children the values, ideals and world view that I hold. It is not for some vigilante activist "educator" to brainwash my child. Had this mental moron been my sons teacher, teaching him to praise an elected official like a deity, partaking in a piece of propaganda that would have made Hitler blush, I do believe that it might have been the edge of my restraint. I would have done more than remove them from the district. I would have done more than demand answers or consequences. I would have redefined "ballistic"... And I am not the only one who feels that way.

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