Friday, July 10, 2009

Left, left, left...The Cadence Toward Socialism

Lots of things to talk about so for the sake of [quasi] brevity, I will attempt a digest form today.

- Protecting Freedom of Speech
The Broadcaster Freedom Amendment is being filed on Monday. This would be an affront to those Democrats who seek to revive the Fairness Doctrine, forcing radio hosts like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and our own Kruser and Leland Conway to present equal representation from opposing viewpoints. It won approval in the Senate by a wide margin, but Dick Durbin-D managed to attach an amendment that would encourage [i.e. require] diversity in ownership. This would be an attempt to break up ownership of entities like Clear Channel and could potentially put small syndicated local stations out of business. It's a back- door way of sliding damaging intentions of the Fairness Doctrine into legislation meant to protect free speech. What's worse is that according to Rep. Mike Pence R-IN, the House Democrats have begun stalling to refuse to let Republican-backed legislation come to the floor. We need to call our reps and tell them to allow the vote and deny ANY revival of the Fairness Doctrine.

- Nancy Pelosi- Shut up!
Lying is an accepted aspect of the American mentality, whether you think it is right or wrong, it simply is. Take the current unpleasantness as an example. Nancy Pelosi, a politician, is ranting and raving that she's not a liar. Leon Panetta, current director of the CIA, is much more stoically doing the same. Both of them are liars and we know it. There's a difference, though. Leon Panetta didn't tout the merits of his ultra-virtuous, super-honest fleet of Democratic do-gooders and vow transparency. Leon Panetta doesn't answer to an electorate, and therefore has no reason to lie about who knew what and when. Why not just admit that maybe you were wrong, had one of those infamous Congressional lapses? I'll tell you why not...
Because you've placed that transparency promise on your back like a saddle and the voters are riding you all the way to the show. Nancy Pelosi has no latitude. When you beat your pulpit-oops, I mean podium- about leading the most transparent Congress in history, we expect it. You made a claim and failed to fulfill it. You blew your chance. Forget buying your BS, we aren't even listening anymore.
Madame Speaker, next time [and there will be a next time] a few words of advice: Me think ye doth protest too much. Shut up.

- Hearing Our Voice or Throwing Us A Bone?
Chandler has co-sponsored a House bill to Audit the Fed. That's awesome and frankly more than I have come to expect from him. Maybe after signing onto the Cap and Slave bill, they threatened to boot him from the Blue Dog Coalition, who knows? Maybe it was the hundreds of pink slips that were dumped into his office. Also, the Senate is reportedly benching the Cap and Trade bill until after the August recess. Why? Do they finally get it? Perhaps, but I am not convinced. It could be that Ben Chandler used some of the balls delivered to his office last week from WLAP host Leland Conway [and his producer Aaron], but I think its more likely that he was throwing us a bone and banking on Harry Reid to continue to kill this effort in the Senate. In addition, they are pushing back the Cap and Tax vote until public opinion is not as strongly voiced and we are all busy, settled back into the school year. Don't fall asleep or be pacified with a small victory- that's what they are hoping for!

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