Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Saddening Extent of American Progressivism

My eyes are puffy. I've spent a good portion of the day and most of last night crying. I was informed yesterday that I was not entitled to religious freedom because I am not Christian. Yeah, you read that right.

An argument on a liberty meet-up board turned ugly when a poster reminded several vocal Christians that liberty is God-given to everyone. What erupted was an argument by accused eclectics that Christians do not have a monopoly on Conservatism and Christians stomping their refusal to shut up and move to the back of the bus. In an effort to define their own liberties, they stomped all over each other.

This is the true essence of what comes of the Progressive movement. We are so demanding that others embrace those things that make us individual that we are not able to get past those differences to work together. In a stroke of pure irony, the purported goal of celebrating diversity has led to a society more split into factions than in any other point in American history.

It is said that a nation divided cannot stand. The argument that we were all Americans fighting for the liberty of all fell upon deaf ears by right-fighters who were not content to be understood- their viewpoints had to be concurred. Are you with us or against us?

Is that multiple choice?

The other day, I heard a young man call in to complain on the Rush Limbaugh show. After saying that he had never met a Republican that wasn't a racist [Boy, wait until Colin Powell, Michael Steele and Michelle Malkin get that dose of reality!], he admitted that he had a brother who was homeless, but wouldn't allow his blood kin to live with him because they don't get along and are just too different. Never mind the fact that they have a womb in common, its just not enough to stand together in difficult times.

And that's where we are, a nation of people consumed by our differences affronting the founding fathers who made us all Americans. How ashamed of us they would be and rightly so. Not until we are able to be Americans FIRST again will be able to stand for anything.

As for me, I will continue to fight as an American. I will fight for my freedom to live my life as I see fit and for your right to condemn me. I love you, my American brothers. Will you fight at my side?

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