Friday, July 31, 2009

A Quagmire of Corruption

Overwhelm the system.

That's the plan and its working. The people in power- soon to be referred to as "the ruling class"- have completely thrown off their sheeps clothing. The wolves are parading around in broad daylight. They are cramming junk legislation through committees and scoffing while we demand that they show some small modicum of responsibility. And they are doing it at a pace that they KNOW we won't be able to fight.

  • While Obama is having his beer summit, the House is sneaking through the Healthcare Bill. I don't care what they said about when they are going to vote, the sneak attack is coming.
  • Small farms are in danger from a bill that would allow a government takeover, putting the government in control of the food supply.
  • The H1Ni vaccine, which is being purchased in massive numbers will be foisted on the public this Fall. Not only are they recommending everyone get both shots this year [traditional and H1N1], they are saying that people might need two shots of the H1N1 vaccine. And guess what- thanks to the Bush administration, these companies are going to be free from liability for damages. Bush's HHS Secretary, Michael Leavitt, announced the legislation which allowed medicines to be "unavoidably unsafe". Huh? So they are pushing an experimental [There have been NO long-term trials for this medication to determine safety or side effects] vaccine in record numbers over a trumped up, false pandemic while John Holdren- the Science Czar for the Obama regime- is pushing for contamination of water and food supplies to force population control. Um, keep your damn vaccine and stay away from my kids. I want grandchildren someday.
  • Oh, and on the topic of Swine Flu there's talk of the government enforcing pandemic-related restrictions on travel and GATHERING. That's funny- weren't the 9/12 organizing a march on DC for Sept.? And bad luck for all of those tea party protestors, huh? What are the odds?
  • Obamas Supreme Court pick, a self-described wise Latina woman [that's code for "whitey-hating racial activist] is being rammed through with some Republican lawmakers resisting. Let's just call the woman what she is- a racist. She's got a score to settle and she's so passionate about it that she has lectured about it on numerous occasions. Why is everyone so surprised? Obama calls white cops who arrest a black man for any reason "stupid", he writes about his anger toward white men in positions of power in his books, he goes to a church that preaches hatred for non-blacks and people are shocked when his Supreme Court pick is repeatedly recorded admitting to judicial bias based on race?
  • Don't forget about Cap and Trade. It's not being discussed in the main stream media but it is still on the table and it still being tweaked. Arms are being twisted and votes are being bought. During the original House vote Henry Waxman and Harry Reid were on the floor offering deals and payoffs like the bookies working the stands at a cock fight.
Be vigilante! Our enemy is hoping to outlast us and waits for us to tire out. Liberty is our legacy and I will not surrender my sons to slavery!

I would like to show my thanks for Rep. Ryan [R-WI] and Rep. Pence [R-IN] who are fighting the good fight on this Eugenics nightmare being masqueraded as Health care Reform. Please don't falter. We need you.

Another shout out to my miserable excuse for a state rep. Richard Henderson who in the midst of all of this mess, took the time, along with the reps of other states to converge on Philly to be wined and dined at the NCSL [National Committee of State Legislators] where the attendance lists are sold for nearly $1000 to lobbying groups. This gives special interests a forum to spread their seeds, including pre-written legislation to take back to their home states [For more on this practice, Google "guardasil, lobbying"]. In his defense, Rep. Henderson had a staffer pen a kind response with a simple "everyone is doing it" message.
Thanks Rep. Henderson for being just another worthless politician!

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