Sunday, July 5, 2009

Shock and urrggg..

Like most Americans, yesterday I awoke to the brightened spirit of the holiday with a somber mind full of our nations' current woes.

Over morning coffee, my husband turned to me and said, "I can't believe she quit." I had no idea who he was talking about. "Palin. Sarah Palin. She resigned." Coffee came out my nose.
My knee-jerk reaction was predictable. Nobody likes a quitter. Why would she give the Left this kind of ammunition? I groaned into a new cup of coffee.

But, the "why?" of the matter is a source of stern contention. There are several reasons I can think of off the top of my head, so many reasons that make sense: that self-adoring comedian [the one who resembles the spawn of Eleanor Roosevelt and the March Hare from Alice in Wonderland] and his class-less barbs, the mounting frivolous lawsuits being levied in an effort to bankrupt her, the fear for the welfare of her children, and the pressure- so much pressure.

"Some bloggers are saying that she's doing this to focus on a 2012 presidential run." The thought had crossed my mind, flitting and fleeting. If Sarah Palin understands anything, its the Conservative mindset. Conservatives understand digging in our heels when things get tough, not tucking tail and running. Not to say we wouldn't vote for anyone running against Obama. I have a drunken uncle who wets himself that would be less destructive, and frankly more entertaining, than our current Commander in Thief.

Palin has been so vilified because of her convictions that she was stymied in her current position. Did she not even refer to herself as a lame duck? The character assassination at which they are so skilled began the minute the DNC dropped a swarm of propagandists onto the Alaskan landscape at the announcement of her nomination to the VP ticket. The intention was to either discredit her or to break her. The DNC appears to have acheived part of that goal.

Sound military strategy lends itself to the idea of forfeiting the battle to win the war. The governorship was an un-winnable battle for Sarah Palin. There were too many ways for the liberal Left to attack her on that front. Is she regrouping to launch an offensive on another front and will the initial retreat cost her supports? All speculation at this point.

I no longer care about the future of the Republican party. The bed they lie in they have made for themselves. But Americans, truly patriotic Americans who are ready to rise up, need a face they can rally behind. Some faces have begun to emerge like Rand Paul [Who I would love to see run against Ben Chandler in 2010.] , son of Rep. Ron Paul. Palin has been, for many, one of those faces. Ensign, Sanford and now Palin have succumbed the the leftist smear- machine, but unlike the shameful actions of her male party affiliates, Sarah Palin's cut from the leadership is not as deep. Whether she will warrant our continued support remains to be seen.

Only time will unravel the plans of Sarah Palin and the motives behind her resignation. Such monumental legislation as Cap and Trade, Socialized Health care, and Real Pass are more than enough to keep us from stalling in the meanwhile. WE THE PEOPLE cannot afford to slow. We will dig in our heels and soldier on.

Leaders, come forward. We are ready to move.

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