Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Be [ENTER RACE HERE]and Be Proud?

I know it's not PC to say it, but I am proud to be white. I am also proud to be a woman. I am proud to be a mother. All of which happened by chance, but they make me who I am.

Being proud of my color does not mean that I hate those of other nationalities- just like being proud of my womanhood doesn't mean that I hate men or that as a mother I automatically have animosity for those without children. To make such far-reaching deductions would be inaccurate, sensational, and would, frankly, display a complete lack of common sense.

Which explains perfectly why these comparisons are being used by members of Congress.

Anyone with an ounce of foresight knew this was coming. With the inauguration of Barack Obama as the first black president, the race card has been whipped out each and every time mounting support stands against him. It's pitiful and pathetic, but predictable. Apparently, since Overlord Pelosi hasn't been able to effectively work the un-American angle, now we're moving on to being labeled racists.

Now according to "experts", I am inherently racist because I was born being a skin tone above 'wheat' on the Glidden color palette. However, no one below 'wheat' can be racist against me. These same experts have decided that because I was born without a legacy of subjugation [never mind my Polish heritage...sheesh] I had a greater opportunity for success than a person of color.

I am sorry, is there a United Caucasian College fund? Would that EVER be acceptable?

Did Barack Obama get his scholarship to Oakland Community College? No, it was Harvard. My grades were impressive, but Harvard was never an option for me despite my apparent "ethnic advantage".

Let's be honest about what this is- it's race baiting. In the last few days, we have had a slew of bad behaviors. Serena Williams threat to a line judge, Kanye West's drunken shout out to Beyonce, and Joe Wilson's House outburst. Who gets called racist? The white guy, of course. To fuel the fever, Congressmen equate the lack of severe punishment for Wilson to condoning racism, even making such pathetically opportunistic remarks as Hank Johnson of Georgia who said it would create a revival of the KKK.
"white hoods and white uniforms again and riding through the countryside" D- Hank Johnson, GA

Who are you kidding, Hank? We have all seen that the most dangerous demographic to be right now is a teenage white boy on a school bus full of black kids.

Be black and be proud.

Be white and be proud.

But do something for which PRIDE is deserved. Pride should come from achievement not entitlement.

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