Sunday, September 6, 2009

Celebrate with caution

I apologize to everyone [or should I say anyone] who reads this blog for the long hiatus between posts. Personal matters of a 'friend and family' nature have kept me otherwise occupied.

On this weekend we celebrate the worker, the laborer and, in my case, the unrepentant entrepreneur. We celebrate the taxpayer, the innovator- the backbone and pride of this country. If you're a conservative, you also celebrate the resignation of Van Jones.

The stories and allegations leveled against Sarah Palin did not even have to have truth in them to be fodder for the mainstream media. More than one story which was picked up and carried by MSM "journalists" was later discovered to be absolute hogwash. Heck, they have even enlisted the intellectually-inept ex-fiance of Bristol Palin for his razor-sharp observations AFTER she resigned her post as governor. She stands as a prime example of the DNCs policy of character assassination of its political or ideological opponents. This makes the former Green Jobs Czar's departing words all the more laughable, absurd and antagonistic. In his resignation letter, he accuses a vicious smear campaign. This seemingly includes words spoken from his own mouth, comments made recently and captured on video. Apparently, the shoe doesn't feel so good on the other foot.

Problem #1
The left is not taking this lying down. While perusing the public reaction to the letter text, I came across a positively rabid response from a left-wing poster. It was quickly deleted, but it is telling nonetheless. It talked about killing conservatives. Yeah, you read that right. Maniacally gleeful rage with a vow for retribution. So while we freedom-fighters are all standing around high-fiving each other over our "victory", the left- who have been stewing for weeks over the halt in "progress"- is foaming at the mouth. We are about to see angry mobs- the real kind. The spin is that conservatives are now the impediment to The Chosen Ones' promised "change". We have become targets.

Problem #2 [Conspiracy Theory haters, skip to #3]
Jones' angry exit is a catalyst on an already volatile combination. Did anyone not consider that this was intentional? You put someone who is the quintessential definition of controversial, who is outspoken, provocative and a racial berserker at the helm of the most radical group of progressives- the eco-freaks. Then you have him bait the current movement- conservatives- with Communist talking points in an in-your-face fashion. Public outcry forces him to resign blaming conservatives for his ouster. The right is emboldened and pushes even harder. The left is energized by the sacrifice of their Green Martyr and the twitchy turn itchy to respond with violence as history shows us that they are prone to do. Look for the Olbermans, Maddows, Courics and the like to fan the flames.

Problem #3
I think this is probably the most obvious. The devout Communist gets booted out of his comfy government job where we can see what he's doing and goes immediately back to the radical methods with which he is comfortable and familiar but is now marshalled by an even more intense anger. I don't believe for a second that Van Jones is out of the picture or that his resignation will mean that he has less influence on the policy of this administration. He will no doubt devote more time to the Apollo Alliance and operate under the darkness of its cloak. So, the monster is still out there, but now it's just harder to track.

So, what does that mean for us? Don't get me wrong, I will take any progress in preserving our country and my liberty that I can get. But, I urge everyone to be cautious. Savor this small victory, but know that the battle may just be entering a darker, bloodier phase. Pray [or meditate or cast or reflect, whatever the constructs of your religious beliefs] for clarity, for restraint and thoughtful consideration. Pray for Glenn Beck and his family, as they will no doubt be in even more danger now. Pray for all of our public figures of conservative voice as they are under greater attack with more dire threats. Pray that our public servants pull their heads out and start serving their true purposes.

But, do not revel in this small victory. There is more work to be done. Do not stop. They are not tucking tail and going away. Do not be quiet. Our opposition will be even more loud and vicious now. Do not falter from defending our liberties. They will be willing to push harder and go farther to take them. Do not give our opponents the opportunity they are waiting for.

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