Friday, September 11, 2009

No Apologies

This country is changed.**

My children are young and still require much instruction about the difference between right and wrong. Courage= good. Apathy= bad. Hard work= good. Laziness= bad. Honesty= good. Deception= bad.

Being forced to watch the President denigrate his office with partisan mud-slinging while he paraded out a festival of falsehoods would make any honest person grind their teeth for wanting to scream "Liar!" One man did it and voiced what millions of us could not. Now, he's facing censure from "the most transparent Congress in history". Perhaps, Madame Speaker meant that the members of Congress would be more transparent about their corruption, nefarious intentions and lust for control. If that's the case, she has more than lived up to her word.

I will not teach my children that it is better to be silent and play nice than to rail against false speakers and risk breaking with decorum. Integrity and intestinal fortitude are in short supply in this country as of late. Rep. Joe Wilson may be from SC and not from KY, but he has represented me better than my own Congressmen and Senators have for a long, long time. I thank him. To those members of Congress that are attacking him: Keep playing your politics, your voters are watching. To those Republicans that are throwing Joe Wilson under the bus: Conservatives will not forget your betrayals. He has already apologized one time too many.

Mr. Obama has been lying since he began campaigning for the office he now holds. Wednesday's address to Congress was no different. His attempts at sly wording and vague conceptual speech fooled no one and his high-handed threats only deepened the trust rift between the American government and the American public.

Barack Obama is not trusted. His administration, and everything that sprouts out of it, is suspect. That is because he is what he has proven himself to be- a liar.

...And you'll get no apologies from me.

**I say 'is' intentionally. To say that the world has changed would imply that it was the result of a normal progression of events which evolves a society. This has not been the case for the US. Our way of life has been moved away from its Constitutional foundation by an incremental and systematic series of nudges [see the published works of Cass Sunstein].

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